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Stockenstroom Civil Registration: Deaths

Below is an index to the civil registration of deaths in the district of Stockenstroom, based on the images from the FamilySearch website, transcribed by Gillian Mauchan. The source is listed below.

Years indexed: ( 491 records)

  • 1895, 1896

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Civil Registration: Deaths - Stockenstroom
18951WARRONWilliam Henryage 11
18952BARROWMaryage 65
18953N.n.N.n.nephew of Dumapi, age 3 Months
18954GROCPISusannahnee VLEGEN, age 79
18955N.n.N.n. son of Sabani and Slavid, age 1 Month
18956PLAATJISN.n. son of Abraham, age 1 Month
18957DAVIDSN.n. daughter of Mauritz, age 2 Months
18958VOOGTGert reported by Jacobus van der Merwe, age 2 Months
18959N.n.Xegoage 65
189510JACOBSKatiesage 50
189511JOMBIEMaslagte son of Catrin, age 9 Months
189512HARTENBURGIsaac son of Sannah, age 9 Months
189513MACHILNonqinqa step-daughter of Appie KANI, age 2
189514WENEOssainee TSIZE, age 70
189515DELFANTONoni age 22
189516LUTTERMargretaage 90
189517ANTONIEMaria daughter of John, age 14
189518GODLEYDaniel son of George, age 3 Months
189519GESWENTWillem son of Magerman, age 2 Months
189520N.n.Tiyeka daughter of Yokose, age 3 Months
189521THERONMariannee GREEN, age 54
189522MDIAAprilage 80
189523CAMPHERMargoutnee BRAGOENDER, age 73
189524N.n.N.n. daughter of Letty, age 8 Months
189525JASSONElizabeth daughter of Gert, age 14 months
189526RICHARDONZekani son of Zekani, age 1
189527HANIN.n. daughter of Appio, age 0
189528GROEPESusannah Christinaage 26
189529GREEFFN.n. son of Peiter Ludolf, age 0
189530N.n.N.n. son of Goelbooy, age 3 Months
189531KOBON.n. daughter of April, age 0
189532MARSBURGAlettaage 24
189533N.n.Titshanaage 27
189534N.n.Mzekalisa son of Ijenqe, age 7 Months
189535MANANAJabeth son of Jantje, age 21
189536N.n.N.n. daughter of Nombovane, age 2 Months
189537MBETZANANongangqu daughter of Booy, age 9 Months
189538BASSONMaria daughter of Johannes, age 2
189539KLAASNotatase daughter of Annie, age 1
189540IMBOSISquatter son of William, age 2
189541RAUBENHEIMERBenjamin George son of J C, age 6 Months
189542N.n.N.n. daughter of Lutambo, age 6 Months
189543CHOPN.n. daughter of Nellie, age 6 Months
189544GRICQUN.n. son of Christina, age 0
189545N.n.Whayifani son of Mafe, age 13 months
189546N.n.Linyokatisa son of Willem, age 15 Months
189547MOTHLABANEWilliam age 40
189548UMDONDISETofikeage 78
189549NABAEdwinage 2
189550MARAJames son of Malinie, age 16
189551TWANASaraage 45
189552N.n.Nomdudo daughter of Maelass, age 4 Months
189553HLAHAAngelina daughter of Hlaha, age 10 Months
189554PETERPaulage 62
189555NELTheunis Christoffel son of Theunis, age 7
189556FORTUINSusan daughter of Johannes, age 26
189557MAREXANAJan son of Bot, age 10
189558N.n.Dikaze daughter of Teketa, age 5
189559MANASGushambini son of Manas, age 7 Months
189560NAUJESannahage 60
189561BANTAMMata Cathrane daughter of Samuel, age 4 Months
189562VAN DEN BERGWilliamage 27
189563CENIAPlaatjeage 70
189564MUNULERMinnirage 80
189565N.n.N.n. son of Emily, age 10 Months
189566KLASSENSaulage 50
189567ARENDSN.n. son of Isaac, age 2 Months
189568POLOElisha daughter of Hendrick, age 23
189569BAASHCandasie daughter of Hendrick, age 4 Months
189570DE BOERElizabeth age 37
189571DREYERHester Susannahnee MARITZ, age 23
189572ORANGELetta daughter of Adonis, age 8 Months
189573CARLSKobas son of John, age 7 Months
189574FONKTatanaage 25
189575BOTHAWillem son of Hans, age 5 Months
189576N.n.Ngqakagana son of Booy, age 1
189577DICKN.n. daughter of Samuel, age 8 Months
189578PAULSAlfred son of Tons and Sannah, age 2
189579CHINNJohn Gideon Hayes son of John, age 6 Months
189580DE BOERJacobage 96
189581SEPTEMBERSusannahage 27
189582MOYOJohn age 62
189583VITBOYBoyage 84
189584JAKAJukey daughter of Martius, age 8 Months
189585ANTONIEWillem son of Antonie, age 9
189586HENDRICKSZembie son of Ben, age 10 Months
189587DE KLERKSusannah Christina Francinanee ARENDS, age 23
189588BOSAJohnage 40
189589N.n.N.n. son of Madlatyana, age 8 Months
189590N.n.Hester age 80
189591BONDGANGERSinaage 47
189592VAN EYKAlettaage 49
189593N.n.N.n. son of Frantz, age 5 Months
189594ANDRIESWillemage 80
189595N.n.Ngcelwaneage 90
189596NellNlafie son of ?, age 2
189597APRILFicaniage 7
189598HATTINGHHendrick son of J A , age 13 months
189599MAQUELOAnnie daughter Jacob, age 7 Months
1895100BOOYElsie daughter of Jack, age 18 Months
1895101TOWKilaniage 18 Months
1895102N.n.Kleinbooyage 22
1895103N.n.N.n. daughter of Nolayiti, age 2 Months
1895104JANAGERKatjeage 40
1895105MARXAndries son of Johan David, age 0
1895106DE KLERK N.n. son of C J, age 0
1895107N.n.Nontabaage 45
1895108LEAVERNAGEJohn son of Louisa, age 2
1895109NELMartha Sage 73
1895110BACELAN.n.daghter of N, age 10 Months
1895111ZANANontsaliage 70
1895112GROEPESusannah Christiana daughter of Magdalena, age 5 Months
1895113ARENDSN.n. son of Floris, age 5 Months
1895116HENDRICKSNakonjala daughter of Ben
1895117ROLLYKN.n. daughter of Matilda
1895119JULUISKate daughter of Georgina
1895121DU PREEZPhilip Anthony son of A R
1895122WENTZELKarel David
1895123NIEMOFago son of Jack
1895124KLAASSophia daughter of Eliza
1895125N.n.Manleki daughter of Jonas
1895126N.n.N.n. daughter of Veldtman
1895127N.n.N.n. daughter of Ketrina
1895129N.n.Elsie daughter of Palani
1895131N.n.Lawickazi daughter of Metjie
1895132NELLouisa Wilhelmina daughter of Lewis Andries
1895133BUNGUNovivi daughter of Jan and Sarah
1895134VANDOMenzewa son of William
1895135KLANEKYanikie daughter of Karamane
1895137N.n.Nofile daughter of Nosikisi
1895140N.n.Gumse daughter of Jius
1895143SIWANIInchnana son of Sani
1895144MALANIEJabri daughter of Malanie
1895145MALANIEJabri daughter of Malanie, (duplicate Image)
1895146MALANIEJabri daughter of Malanie, (duplicate Image)
1895147N.n.Nokuzeneza daughter of Nondani
1895148N.n.Maril daughter of Caroline
1895149SMITGeorgina daughter of Maria
1895150SMITGeorgina daughter of Maria, (duplicate Image)
1895152BAART N.n. son ofBebe
1895153MALAN Sara
1895155MACKOYN.n. daughter of Mapry
1895158XAKADiamond(duplicate Notification)
1895163SUTTERHester Catherina
1895164N.n.Nontwazana daughter of Naba
1895165FORTUINSarah daughter of Cobus
1895166N.n.Jingo son of Lisibe
1895167FRITZHannahnee VALENTYN
1895168STAPLESEllener Jane
1895169JOHANNESN.n. daughter of Willim
1895171HARRISEliza Louisanee STANTON
1895173BOOYGert son of Booy
1895176ARMOOTWilliam son of William
1895177N.n.N.n. daughter of Nofile
1895179JONGFRUN.n. son of Nohamba
1895180MGESEDabapi daughter of Mgese
1895181CAPSManzie son of Booy
1895184GREEFFN.n. son of Peiter Ludolf
1895185N.n.Nodana son of Liwani
1895186JAMBIN.n. son of Tons
1895187ENGELBRECHTIsabella Johanna
1895188PANDIEStink son of Pandie
1895189N.n.Siyiwe daughter of Pieter
1895192KOMONSarah daughter of Jacob
1895193HOOGN.n. son of Juris
1895194SWARTN.n. son of Rachel
1895195HARRIS Walter henry son of Philip
1895196N.n.N.n. daughter of Katje
1895197JAGERSJohn son of Philis
1895198MAZWIElizabeth daughter of Tom
1895199SEALANDLeenanee BUIS
1895200N.n.N.n. daughter of Yangapi
18961HENDRIKS N.n. daughter of Ben, age 9 Months
18962HENDRIKS N.n. daughter of Ben, age 9 Months, (duplicate Image
18963MENTORAbrahamage 60
18964APRILN.n. son of Jan, age 1 Month
18965SCHAADEBooy son of Hontengoute, age 1
18966N.n.N.n. daughter of Booy, age 9 Days
18967N.n.N.n. son of Nelani, age 8 Months
18968MAKATISJane daughter of Makatis, age 13
18969MARXAnna Johanna Mariaage 45
189610CHOBAPinini Tom son of Tom, age 2
189611APRILVisie daughter of Lena, age 2
189612LOOTZLyia Susannahnee DAVIDS, age 82
189613APRILDavidage 86
189614N.n.N.n. son of Noveyile, age 1
189615N.n.N.n. daughter of Nontsajio, age 1 Day
189616PLATJIESJan son of Frantz, age 11
189617WETBOOIDial son of Wetbooi, age 13 Months
189618N.n.Metjieage 41
189619FORTUINN.n. daughter of David Adeeran, age 1 Month
189620N.n.N.n. daughter of Menze, age 12 Months
189621NIZOTIN.n. daughter of Funude(?), age 1 Day
189622MASONLouisanee HOGG, age 71
189623N.n.Nonsepi daughter of Plaatjie, age 7
189624VAN DE NIELDTCleanage 80
189625DANSTERFrederick son of Mabiye, age 3 Months
189626NANTZANIN.n. son of Willem, age 0
189627KLAASEliza daughter of Jacob, age 6 Months
189628N.n.N.n. son of Ntintelo, age 7 Months
189629VAN DER NEUTERMetaage 50
189630BOOYOrange son of Jan, age 13 Months,
189631BRUINTJESMinna daughter of Nella, age 16 Months
189632BRECHTN.n. son of Gertruida, age 1 Month
189633N.n.N.n. son of Gxotiwe, age 8 Months
189634SLOWLIEBezen daughter of Booy, age 6 Months
189635BOOYN.n. son of Jafta, age 1 Month
189636MCHANonti Kutcta daughter of Mollie, age 2
189637GROEPESusanna Francinanee LYNX, age 30
189638N.n.Ngeungukahi daughter of Noayi, age 5 Months
189639N.n.Nomtete daughter of Noseyile, age 7
189640SMITHCarel son of Marthinus, age 3 Months
189641JANSEJan son of Elias, age 5 Months
189642BAARTN.n. son of Hans, age 3 Months
189643JANTJIESKlaas son of Edward, age 8 Months
189644BOTHAN.n. son of Gert , age 10 Days
189645DIKERJohnage 80
189646N.n.Nozave daughter of Nolenti, age 12
189647PLAATJIESWillemage 80
189648JUELIN.n. son of John, age 4 Days
189649N.n.Nohikade daughter of Nonayite, age 6 Weeks
189650N.n.N.n. daughter of Booy, age 9 Months
189651MANASwelendou son of William, age 5 Months
189652BERNARDNicholas son of John Petrus, age 13 Months
189653MAZIVIN.n. daughter of Tom, age 10 Months
189654SANINozwe daughter of Willem, age 3
189655BANTAMN.n. son of Samuel, age 2 Days
189656N.n.N.n. daughter of duninke, age 4 Months
189657KLAASENLenaage 70
189658NTENGON.n. son of Jacob, age 2 Months
189659N.n.N.n. daughter of Nowai, age 1
189660N.n.N.n. son of Julius, age 18 Months
189661CULLINANWilliam Taylor son of William Taylor, age 15 Days
189662RUTHERFORDEmmaage 26
189663BACELANozonela daughter of Jan, age 10 Months
189664STEPHANUSJacob son of Booy, age 16
189665NANIECharles age 43
189666SPOGTERLevisage 36
189667TAPAUmlanbo son of Nana, age 3
189668MBANDEDeligiva daughter of Jantje, age 10 Months
189669N.n.N.n. son of Tetiwe, age 1 Month
189670N.n.N.n. daughter of Sarah, age 32 Days
189671MGWALEAdamage 18
189672CABAHerbert son of Baartman, age 1
189673SLANGOLyzer daughter of Gam, age 14 Months
189674PLATERZola son of William, age 5 Months
189675N.n.Donkih son of Nohawba, age 6 Months
189676MATSHOBAZindlineage 28
189677BAARTMbongolo son of Bebe, age 2
189678STOFFELN.n. son of Willem, age 2 Months
189679DRAGOENDERJackie daughter of Eliza SPIERS, age 14 Months
189680MARMANHendrina daughter of H, age 7 Months
189681RUITERSCathrinaage 69
189682ELSFrederik Andriesage 59
189683N.n.Matebese son of Tom , age 8
189684KLAASTsili son of Klaas, age 8 Months
189685NABOButh son of Nabo, age 7 Months
189686NGQUTELOMaduage 40
189687CASPEREliceage 24
189688MBAYIWBAYIJumie son of Dlamanzi, age 3
189689NTSONKOLANawiwe daughter of Ntsonkola, age 5
189690NITHALDERMoses son of Hendrik, age 2 Months
189691TIKANANontwazana daughter of Jim, age 6 Months
189692JAUNNamse daughter of Jan, age 15
189693MNTUYEDWAAdamage 50
189694DIAMONDEdward son of Johannas, age 6 Months
189696CHARCABooiage unk
189697SWANEPOOLJantjeage 60
189698ROOYNicholas son of Nicholas, age 16 Months
189699COLLYERConstance May daughter of Joseph Henry, age 2
1896100NDINGILumbuli daughter of Willem, age 4
1896101ADDAMSMinner daughter of Exstuin, age 19
1896102KAMENERWakinieage 28
1896103GORBANIFaliewi daughter of Gorbani, age 5
1896104MARMANJannie son of Bonza, age 6 Months
1896105KANKISERJungaler son of Boy, age 3
1896106JANTJESReubin son of Joseph, age 24 Days
1896107SPOGTERAnnie daughter of Hendrik, age 4 Months
1896108N.n.Kolisile son of Klaas, age 2
1896109MAKATAGeorginaage 30
1896110N.n.N.n. daughter of Noseyile, age 2 Months
1896111N.n.Nompeti daughter of Heni, age 2
1896112SAMNoel son of William, age 5
1896113TAYLORIvy Maria daughter of George, age 3
1896114TABUMaria daughter of Tabu, age 5
1896115ARENDSGertruida Susannah daughter of Joseph Allic Francois, age 6 Months
1896116TABUN.n. daughter of Tabu, age 1
1896117MCEKEZAN.n. son of Jantje, age 9 Months
1896118NBUGIN.n. daughter of Klaas, age 6 Months
1896119NTOMBIJuninde daughter of Somanet, age 10 Months
1896120BONDGANGERN.n. son of Andries, age 14 Days
1896121PETTELARSarahage 58
1896122BOOIWilliam age 2 Months
1896123QIBILiza daughter of Liza, age 3 Months
1896124DRAGOENDERPetrus son of Petrus, age 18
1896125JACOBN.n. son of Petrus, age 7 Months
1896126MFUNDISILoyiti son of Mfundisi, age 15 Months
1896127N.n.Noni son of Japhta, age 16
1896128ARENDSPeter Martines son of Jan, age 3
1896129GROEPE Magdalena daughter of Albrecht, age 7 Months
1896130GREENAnnie Maria daughter of Dick, age 5 Months
1896131VICTORMartinesage 73
1896132MACHOBILENgaliso son of Jack, age 10
1896133BANTANEMaria daughter of Adam, age 3
1896134GREENSarah Sophia daughter of Dick, age 5 Months
1896135GYSMANN.n. daughter of Willem, age 2
1896136DESEJan son of Klaas, age 8 Months
1896137PITJacob Moglir son of Hanci, age 18 Months
1896138N.n.Nobomvana daughter of Lamani, age 12 Months
1896139ROBERTSFrank William son of Frank, age 6 Months
1896140JAGERSFlourisage 76
1896141SWARTBOYSara daughter of Malan, age 14
1896142N.n.Christmas daughter of Elisha, age 6 Months
1896143N.n.N.n. son of Kleinbooy, age 24 Days
1896144MAREEPaul Philippusage 81
1896145PRETORIUSHenry son of John, age 1 Month
1896146IMKENGAEmily daughter of George, age 13
1896147BERGMANMargaretaage 17
1896148N.n.Leepieage 30
1896149N.n.N.n. daughter of Cornelius, age 8 Months
1896150MARXPowl son of Gallax, age 9 Months
1896151ACKERMANN.n. daughter of Anna, age 1 Month
1896152PIETERSECornelia Johannaage 66
1896153LEGMANNGert age 21
1896154N.n.Faniso daughter of Hlahliwe, age 5 Months
1896155DUBAGeorgina daughter of Joe, age 1
1896156SWAARTBOOICharli son of Zwaartbooi, age 9 Months
1896157HOLMESN.n. daughter of G F J, age 15 Days
1896158KLAASJoe son of Bali, age 12 Months
1896159ONEEnoch son of Jacob, age 2
1896160NQUEN.n. son of German, age 3 Months
1896161GROEPEMaria daughter of Carel Nicholas, age 4
1896162N.n.N.n. daughter of Piet , age 16 Months
1896163N.n.Nomkajuloage 23
1896164ATTWELLJoseph Briggs son of James, age 3
1896165N.n.Ntolo son of Nolenti, age 10
1896166ZEALANDSabinanee PLESSIS, age 50
1896167CAPSEdward son of Booy, age 9 Months
1896168COMMONDON.n. son of Willem, age 5 Months
1896169GESWINTAnnie daughter of Klaas, age 2
1896170PIXBix daughter of Fanci, age 7 Months
1896171N.n.Kleinboy alias Nmyana, age 25
1896172FOURIESannah daughter of Daniel, age 22 Months
1896173BONDGANGERAndriesage 21
1896174MOTHLABANEN.n. son of Piet, age 4 Days
1896175SEYSTERMeta daughter of Piet, age 6 Months
1896176PEPPERSina daughter of Gert, age 16
1896177MOTHLABANEN.n. son of Piet, age 6 Days
1896178SWARTBOYZolibanzie son of Malan, age 15
1896179SOLYWAHesterage 29
1896180GROEPECarel son of Carel, age 10 Months
1896181BOOYN.n. son of Gert, age 8 Months
1896182ABRAHAMN.n. daughter of Christian, age 1
1896183MATCHOBILEJack son of Eliza SPIERS, age 50
1896184HEERSabinanee RAMARORO, age 90
1896185APPLECandasia daughter of Marthines, age 2 Months
1896186NIEUVELDTN.n. daughter of Bramda, age 1 Month
1896187N.n.Botoyi son of Jacob, age 3
1896188KLEINBOYDirk son of Andries, age 52 Days
1896189WINDVOGELKeviet son of Stuurman, age 4
1896190TWAZAGeorge son of April, age 6 Months
1896191JACOBSTembani son of Mentor, age 3
1896192RICHARDSONN.n. son of Loli, age 2 Months
1896193RICHARDSONN.n. son of Loli, age 2 Months, (duplicate Image
1896194VENATabekana daughter of Jarvan, age 16 Days
1896195BOBOLANASaraage 52
1896196BOTHAMartha Sofiaage 63
1896197MEYERSSarahage 12
1896198BARTMANPlikieage 20
1896199MULLERMikel Daniel Frederick son of Tomis, age 16
1896200RENSBURGJohannes son of Johannes, age 9 Months
1896201CRAAMERLenanee WITBOOY, age 80
1896202KIMAPagamile son of Fundafi, age 3
1896203JUELIEAndries son of David, age 8
1896204N.n.Marieage 80
1896205N.n.Nomgqibelo daughter of Klaas, age 1
1896206GIDOBenjuage 65
1896207IWAMBILungiso son of John, age 8 Months
1896208KLEINBOOYKlaas son of Andrew, age 2 Months
1896209BAARTAntje daughter of Keviet, age 13
1896210N.n.Fuleni son of Iwaxa, age 18 Months
1896211UMKOKOStemnarage 90
1896212N.n.Elisha daughter of Hendrik, age 8
1896213BOTHAMarthinus Jacobusage 27
1896214TOESWAEllen daughter of Andries, age 9 Months
1896215BRATSLily daughter of Martha, age 11 Months
1896216KLAASSlavie daughter of George, age 2
1896217HANSKleinbooy Willem son of Willem, age 15
1896218LEVEMazanqazi daughter of Willem, age 3
1896219CHATTAMartha daughter of Koltom, age 2
1896220CHATTAMartha daughter of Koltom, age 2, (duplicate Image
1896221FOURIEAmiliaage 44
1896222BONDGANGERSelaage 19
1896223SCHEEPERSCathrina daughter of Hendrik, age 9 Months
1896224N.n.Jinoyi son of Notayite, age 21 Months
1896225DILANEYBasil son of Thomas, age 4
1896226NOMKAKalkenage 35
1896227GROEPESusannah Francina daughter of Christian Jacobus, age 9 Months
1896228NDINDWAJezileage 90
1896229MACAYBeech daughter of Bobooi, age 2
1896230JEKELAMaryage 80
1896231JEKELAMaryage 80, (duplicate Image
1896232TSHLABAKAHarrietnee HEER, age 27
1896233CHEATNomofanqa daughter of Jack, age 14 Months
1896234DRAGOENDERAnnieage 28
1896235N.n.Inanjaloage 30
1896236N.n.Cembetaage 40
1896237BOEZAAKunnamed son of Booy, age 2 Months
1896238BOEZAAKunnamed son of Booy, age 2 Months, (duplicate Image
1896239SMOUSEunnamed son of John, age 2 Months
1896240BAARTHendrikage 36
1896241MATEBESEMatilda daughter of Matebese, age 5 Months
1896242MATEBESEMatilda daughter of Matebese, age 5 Months, (duplicate Image
1896243MCHACHELCobus son of Jan, age 1
1896244MCHACHELCobus son of Jan, age 1, (duplicate Image
1896245DIMOSNavie son of Stoffel, age 4
1896246MOUXOGreen Dumapi son of Dumapi, age 6
1896247MOUXOGreen Dumapi son of Dumapi, age 6, (duplicate Image
1896248HANSErnest son of Jan Willem, age 10 Months
1896249HANSDika son of Jacob, age 14 Months
1896250GROEPEKatrina Gertruidanee ARENDS, age 42
1896251N.n.N.n. son of Kekele, age 3 Months
1896252NELLGert Johannesage 23
1896253N.n.N.n. daughter of Cozan, age 18 Months
1896254N.n.Lentseya daughter of Sarah, age 6 Months
1896255N.n.N.n. son of Nojayite, age 7 Months
1896256PIETMarthines son of Hans, age 2
1896257GEORGEHester daughter of Adam, age 1
1896258XONTHLONominise daughter of Anthony, age 21
1896259BRECHTN.n. son of Margaret, age 14 Days
1896260LOOTSGeorge son of Johannes, age 10 Months
1896261GONGANAN.n. son of Jim, age 7 Days
1896262N.n.Kokeli son of Cornelius, age 2
1896263N.n.Nompuku daughter of Nonkita, age 3
1896264FOURIEAnnie Amelia daughter of Cobus, age 2 Months
1896265BEKESHendrikage 16
1896266ENYAMAKAMamisa daughter of Shadrack, age 13
1896267VAN STADENCathrina Susanahage 68
1896268VAN STADENCathrina Susanahage 68, (duplicate Image
1896269LETJESatluku son of Jim, age 2
1896270WAPADJonkelana son of Jan, age 1
1896271DUBAWhola son of William, age 18 Months
1896272DUBAWhola son of William, age 18 Months, (duplicate Image
1896273HAASAdam Jacobusage 40
1896274HAASAdam Jacobusage 40, (duplicate Notification
1896275HARRISJacob son of David, age 14
1896276HERMANAdriana daughter of Stephanes, age 18 Days
1896277ROSE-CHRISTIEHugh son of Marshall, age 2
1896278ROSE-CHRISTIEHugh son of Marshall, age 2
1896279LINXFleaserage 23
1896280ENYAMAKAFarice son of Shadrack, age 17
1896281JOCHIMHenry son of Willem, age 1
1896282KULASHEAntje age 86
1896283KLASSSesawah daughter of Jacob, age 15
1896284SHARPElizabeth daughter of James, age 3
1896285N.n.N.n. daughter of Annie, age 3 Months
1896286N.n.N.n. daughter of Annie, age 3 Months, (duplicate Image
1896287N.n.Ntsukumbini son of Hermanus, age 6
1896288DRAGOENDERN.n. daughter of Rachel, age 3 Months
1896289N.n.John son of Present, age 7 Months
1896290SEPTEMBERSarahage 88



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"South Africa, Cape Province, Civil Deaths, 1895-1972." Images. FamilySearch ( : accessed 2013.) Stockenstroom; Citing Department of the Interior, Registrar of Births, Marriages, and Deaths. National Archives, Pretoria.

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