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Worcester Civil Registration: Deaths

Below is an index to the civil registration of deaths in the district of Worcester, based on the images from the FamilySearch website, transcribed by Gillian Mauchan. The source is listed below.

Years indexed: (446 records)

  • 1895

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Civil Registration: Deaths - Worcester
18951LE ROEXPeter Carl Wouter son of J G, age 7 Months
18952HOWARDBessie Jenkinsage 34
18953CHRISTIANSSannieage 34
18954HOTTAJan son of Jacobus ADONIS, age 12 Months
18955MUGGELSN.n. son of Peter Johannes, age 3 Months
18956HAVEGARosinaage 70
18957HEROLATSusannah Catharinanee KATIGAN, age 59
18958DE VILLIERSRachel Rosinaage 76
18959NEROJan son of Jan, age 1
189510THERONElizabeth Hendrina daughter of Johannes Jacobus, age 8
189511LUCASPiet son of Daniel, age 1
189512KLINKJurie daughter of Abraham, age 1
189513BENAlexander son of Jan, age 1
189514VISSAGIEIsaac son of Johannes, age 4 Months
189515FAUREEwald son of W A, age 17 Months
189516CAPEElizabeth daughter of Elizabeth, age 18 Months
189517KRIEGERJohannes Marthinus son of Johannes, age 17 Months
189518HULLThomas son of T, age 8 Months
189519N.n.Mababggula daughter of Saul, age 7 Months
189520WAGNERJoan Agnes daughter of Fredrica VILJOEN, age 6 Months
189521MARINUSFrikkeage 18
189522MARINUSReginaage 59
189523GOUWSGertruda Stephens Francina Petronella daughter of A M, age 15 Months
189524FRAETASJohn Henryage 0
189525CONSTABLEThomas son of Thomas, age 5 Months
189526ABDOLGALIEAchmost son of Achmost, age 10 Months
189527APOLLOSJan Willem son of Carolus, age 13 Months
189528SAMPSONSarah daughter of Julies, age 4 Months
189529CONSTABLEDaniel Pieter Cornelis son of Thomas, age 5 Months
189530ASSURLina daugher of Cornelis, age 4 Months
189531SWEMGertruda daughter of Janette BOOYSE, age 5 Months
189532SEWANPeter son of Saul, age 8 Months
189533N.n.Amaleage 60
189534KARIEMSarie daughter of Manie, age 10 Months
189535SEPTEMBERDavid Albertus son of William, age 7 Months
189536LIEMANReginaage 51
189537no extractable data
189538no extractable data
189539no extractable data
189540no extractable data
189541no extractable data
189542ARENDSESarah age 60
189543FRANSMeitjeage 25
189544DEDERICKSHermanus son of Andries, age 4
189545COSGROVEBartle Henry son of William Henry, age 2 Months
189546KUPIDOJohannes son of Piet, age 15 Months
189547GEORGEMagilenaage 27
189548PIETERSONKatherine adopted daughter of Petrus Lewis, age 1
189549PRANCEJaneage 83
189550FRAETASJohn Henry son of Mary Charlotte, age 0
189551AARONJanetta Spacie daughter of Gabriel, age 2 Months
189552THOMPSONClara daughter of Cornelia Charlotte, age 7 Months
189553KIRSCHBAUMChristianage 75
189554FICKKlaasage 60
189555OERSONJoseph son of Jan, age 5 Months
189556SCHIPPERSTruitjeage 21
189557PETERSEJacob George son of George, age 2
189558JASONJohanna Elizabeth daughter of Johannes Jasper, age 5 Months
189559WILSONAnna daughter of George Thomas, age 0
189560MAYEmile Edward son of Manus, age 2 Months
189561FINNEDaniel son of Carl Johannes, age 1
189562ROSENBERGSpacieage 81
189563ELIASDavid son of William, age 2
189564HORSMANPetronella daughter of Petro, age 3 Months
189565AFRIKAHendrick son of Pieter Jacobus, age 1 Month
189566RABIEWillem son of Katrina, age 3 Months
189567JACOBSMaggie Apollis daughter of Apollis, age 9 Months
189568DAVIDSGertruida daughter of Cornelis, age 1
189569SIMONSSusara Susannanee DU TOIT, age 24
189570BOYNEJamesage 49
189571JOSIASPiet age 75
189572PAARDWACHTERN.n. son of Josua, age 1 Month
189573WEHRElizabeth age 58
189574DAVID Johanna age 46
189575FILLISHelena Hendrina daughter of David, age 8 Months
189576FRANSMANMargaritaage 24
189577SAMPSONSamuelage 66
189578JAFTHAHendrik Abraham son of Christian, age 5 Months
189579BARONRachel age 18
189580ABSOLONCaspas son of Marthinus and Sarah, age 0
189581WILLEMSESamual son of Isaac, age 20
189582BAZIERSagieladisn son of Makerdien, age 18 Months
189583SLIERAndries Abrahamage 65
189584MOLLERPeter Wouterage 26
189585DU TOITThomas Hugo son of Andries Hendrik, age 12
189586ADONISJohannesage 25
189587ADAMSAbraham son on Jims and Eva, age 10 Months
189588DANIELSLuca daughter of Marthinus, age 0
189589ZACHEUSMoses son of Josias, age 19 Months
189590ABSOLONGabriel son of Marthinus, age 0
189591HAASN.n. daughter of Willem, age 0
189592KUPIDOJacoba daughter of Daniel Jacobus and Magrith, age 2 Months
189593DU TOITHelena Catharinaage 75
189594ZYSTERRachelage 18
189595FRANSMANPaul son of Gert, age 6 Months
189596WRIGHTN.n. daughter of John, age 0
189597MAUKOLMatilda daughter of Marthinus, age 3
189598ISSELAdam Ernest son of Johannes Adriaan, age 2
189599WEHRLeah daughter of Johannes, age 11 Months
1895100COETZEEAnna Susana daughter of Pieter, age 11 Months
1895101DAVIDSeptemberage 60
1895102PLAATJESPiet son of Piet, age 15 Months
1895103KATHALIJammie son of Jan, age 19 Months
1895104TITUSAleda Johanna daughter of William, age 10 Months
1895105ADAMSJohannes Titus son of Johannes, age 5 Months
1895106GEDULDChristian Peter son of Johannes, age 13 Months
1895107STYNERAnna Maria Magarita daughter of Samuel, age 18 Months
1895108DELINEGert son of Johannes, age 6 Months
1895109WILSONCatharina daughter of Elizabeth, age 0
1895110PHILANDERSalomon son of Julie, age 2
1895111RABIEJacomina Elizabeth daughter of Johannes Christian, age 9 Months
1895112OCTOBERJospeh son of Daniel, age 0
1895113KENNEDYAlbertage 23
1895114LUIDEBOOMCarlage 25
1895115PETERSENChristina Catharina daughter of Saul Hendrick Johannes, age 1
1895116VILJOENMaria daughter of Wynand, age 20
1895117JACOBSGerhardusage 70
1895118BOTHAMartha Magdalenaage 51
1895119PIETERSEIsaac son of Rachel, age 5 Months
1895120MARMELLAndries son of Frans, age 2
1895121WEHRMaria daughter of Jan, age 14 Months
1895122RHODUSSusannah Maria Christina daughter of Abraham, age 1
1895123BASTIANPhilemonage 62
1895124JOBElias son of Eva, age 11 Months
1895125ABNERChristina Helena daughter of Samuel, age 18 Months
1895126DAMONMaria Elizabeth Bird daughter of Eva, age 4
1895127STOFBERGMagarietha Magdalenaage 38
1895128STOFBERGMagarietha Magdalenaage 38, (Duplicate Notification
1895129HELMElizabeth Hendrina daughter of Hans, age 1
1895130DE VOSCatharina Jacoba Wilhelminaage 75
1895131RABIEHester daughter of Johannes Christian, age 2
1895132BOYSEHanna daughter of Greet PEDRO, age 1
1895133WIUMCoenraad Johannes son of D J, age 6 Months
1895134FREDERICKSSyster son of Matthys, age 0
1895135WESSELSMaria Margrittaage 50
1895136MOSESSamuelage 80
1895137NICHOLSONCharles son of Sarah Magdelina Magritta, age 18 Months
1895138ISSELSabina Johanna daughter of Johannus Adriaan, age 10 Months
1895139NEROMarie Regina daughter of Regina, age 4 Months
1895140DU TOITPetrus Jacobusage 68
1895141VAN DER MERWEDeborah daughter of Lodewyk, age 1
1895142ERASMUSCarlage 73
1895143PLAATJESTruitje daughter of Truitje, age 0
1895144CUPIDOPhilida daughter of Daniel Jacobus, age 4 Months
1895145JACOBUSN.n. daughter of Paul, age 0
1895146DU TOITN.n. son of Stephanus Francois, age 0
1895147Leah age 30
1895148BAILEYJoseph Micheal son Zacheus, age 18 Months
1895149HEMMIESDanielage 79
1895150BROWNLenaage 45
1895151N.n.unknown child female, age 8
1895152KATHALIFlorinaage 45
1895153KATHALIN.n. daughter of Florina, age 0
1895154HENDRICKS Johannes son of Johannes, age 1
1895155SIMSAnna Magdalena daughter of John, age 5
1895156VILJOENMaria Elizabeth age 29
1895157JOSEPHN.n. son of Lay? and Jan WATTS, age 0
1895158BOTHAJohannes Petrus son of Theunis Christoffel, age 8 Months
1895159LACKAIAron Stephanus son of Christian, age 0
1895160FREDERICKSJohannes son of Jacob, age 0
1895161BOOSMANSeptember son of Sina, age 19
1895162BURGERLourens Petrus son of B B, age 8 Months
1895163GOLDINGGertrude Elizabeth daughter of George, age 9 Months
1895164WILLEMSECatharinaage 29
1895165CUPIDOLeah Jacoba daughter of Abraham Jacobus, age 3 Months
1895166MAGOKAJustina Maria daughter of Stephanus, age 20 Months
1895167WILLIAMSCharles son of Regina, age 13 Months
1895168VAN DER BERGJan son of Charl, age 5 Months
1895169KAMANASN.n. daughter of Hester Johanna, age 6 Months
1895170BEUCKMANDorothea daughter of John, age 2 Months
1895171NAPOEKKAJan age 60
1895172MILLEUS(?)Klaas son of Regina, age 14
1895173VAN ZYLDorie daughter of Thomas, age 5
1895174KLINCKAnna Magdalena daughter of Samuel, age 11 Months
1895175DU TOITAnna Louisa daughter of Frans Johannes Carlos, age 2 Months
1895176SIMMONSDaniel Philippus Francois daughter of Jan Jaques, age 1
1895177MOLLERPeter Willem son of Daniel Petrus, age 2
1895178ADONISAndries son of Moos, age 1
1895179KOCKCarolus son of Johannes, age 20 Months
1895180JAFTHASabina age 85
1895181AFRIKAElizabeth Francina daughter of Adam, age 22 Months
1895182MICHELSJacob Jacobus Daniel son of Mathys, age 20 Months
1895183JACKKalina daughter of Marthinus, age 18 Months
1895184DE KOKERN.n. daughter of Catrina, age 0
1895185BOOYSETruitje daughter of Anna, age 19 Months
1895186MACKAIJacobus son of Elena, age 11 Months
1895187TITUSDaniel Johannesage 22 Months
1895188ABRAHAMSCarel Frederick son of Carel, age 2
1895189HENDRICKS Eva daughter of Rachel, age 2
1895190ABRAHAMSPhilip Jacobus Petrus son of Carel, age 6 Months
1895191GROVEPieter Jacobus son of Elizabeth, age 2
1895192N.n.Saronage 21
1895193TITUSThomas son of Joseph, age 13 Months
1895194HARTZENBERGCatharina Maria daughter of Willem Jacobus, age 3
1895195VILJOENJacobus Johannes Jordaan son of Carel, age 1
1895196ASIALouries son of Paul, age 3
1895197SEWANGClara Corneliaage 21
1895198AGULLUSSpacie daughter Jan and Spacie, age 2
1895199BERGSTADTHelena Petronella daughter of Willem Johannes, age 16 Months
1895200SYLVESTERHelenaage 31
1895201MCDONALDJacobus Stephanus son of James, age 3
1895202KLEINJan daughter of Antja, age 3 Months
1895203HENDRICKS Christina daughter of Koos, age 0
1895204DU PLESSISPieter Schalkage 68
1895205DIRKHans son of Hans and Eva TITUS, age 2
1895206STEVENSLena daughter of Clara, age 0
1895207SCHWARTKaatjeage 31
1895208DE KOCKHugo son of Willem Viljoen, age 2
1895209PETERSPlaatje son of Maria NIEUWEVELDT, age 11 Months
1895210ROUXHelena Wilhelminaage 41
1895211VAN DER BERGJacobus Andries son of Johannes Daniel, age 1
1895212KILLIANCarolina Petronella daughter of Daniel Stephanus, age 2
1895213JONATHANSophieage 100
1895214HARTEBEESTRoselyn daughter of Johannes, age 18 Months
1895215STEVENSGreet daughter of Anna, age 2
1895216TORFASagieba daughter of Gamiet, age 4 Months
1895217BRUINTJESKlaas age 90
1895218DE KOCKServaas Daniel son of Willem Viljoen, age 22
1895219AUPIAISN.n. son of John, age 0
1895220MAURICEDamon son of Maurice DAMON, age 5 Months
1895221DU TOITSchalk Rabie son of Philip Roedolf, age 19 Months
1895222HOOFCorneelja daughter of Jan, age 1
1895223CUVEDORRachel daughter of Tities, age 2
1895224HARMSEJohannes son of Willem, age 3 Months
1895225FRANSMANAdam son of Jacob, age 10
1895226ESSAUJacobus Stephanus son of Anthonie, age 9 Months
1895227LATIGANWilliam son of Benjamin, age 13 Months
1895228HABLUTZELCoenraadage 79
1895229CONSTANTN.n. son of Daniel, age 0
1895230SCHIPPERSSampie son of Rachel, age 1
1895231LACKEYSamuel son of Bayman, age 18 Months
1895232CUPIDOEva daughter of Phillida, age 8
1895233ROMANFrancis Albert son of Peter Benjamin John, age 14 Months
1895234JEFTHAFrederik son of Carolus, age 19 Months
1895235BYMANSLeah daughter of Abram, age 3
1895236Roslyn daughter of James, age 1
1895237VAN BILJONMaria daughter of Hendrik Ezaak, age 10 Months
1895238ANDRIESFrancinaage 30
1895239LUTTIGFelixage 22
1895240SYSTERAnnaage 35
1895241KARIENGasbath daughter of Avani, age 5
1895242ANDRIESMaria daughter of Arie, age 0
1895243AFRICAJohannes son of Wilhelmina, age 15 Months
1895244GERTSEMagritta daughter of Gert, age 6
1895245KLASSESpasieage 29
1895246WILLIAMSKlaasage 16
1895247DE BRUYNCasper Hermanusage 62
1895248JACOBSJacobage 50
1895249VOSCatrina Petronella daughter of Frank Russell, age 6 Months
1895250NOVELMattheus son of Anna FEBRUARY, age 2
1895251ANTONIEWillem Hendrik son of Jacobus, age 1
1895252BOOYSENElizabeth daughter of CJ, age 0
1895253VILJOENAndries Abraham son of Daniel Herclaas, age 2
1895254PAULAdam son of Adam Carl, age 1
1895255ATHERTONRose daughter of Margaret SMITH, age 16 Months
1895256VISSERDorothea age 26
1895257FORTUINSophia Christina daughter of Piet, age 1
1895258MARITZPetrus Jacobus son of Daniel Phillipus, age 11
1895259CUPIDODaniel Albertus son of Daniel, age 14 Months
1895260QUINJohnage 81
1895261BOYSEJohn son Johnage 0
1895262SCHUTZLERCarl Martinage 33
1895263ADAMSJacob son of Maria, age 23 Months
1895264FORTUINN.n. son of Dinah, age 0
1895265AMSTERDAMJacobus Johannes son of Jacobus Johannes, age 2
1895266HANMERCarolina Adriaanaage 52
1895267KOSTERGrich daughter of Karolus, age 2
1895268ISAACSGertruida age 40
1895269N.n.unknown female, age about 20
1895270JACKSONViolet daughter of Frank Henry, age 5
1895271TRUTERArendage 51
1895272ABRAHAMSFrans son of Denie, age 9
1895273MAJOINSAploosa daughter of Taylor, age 3
1895274BOOYS Johnage 35
1895275BOOYSEAdriaan son of Adriaan, age 15
1895276BOOYSEAdriaan son of Adriaan, age 15, (Duplicate Notification
1895277BOOYSEAdriaan son of Adriaan, age 15, (Duplicate Image
1895278WILSONFlorina Susanna Johanna daughter of Dinah WILLEMSE, age 9 Months
1895279HERMANUSAntonetta Louisa daughter of Gavie, age 1
1895280ARNOLDUSEva daughter of Jacob, age 1
1895281BOTHASusanna Johanna daughter of Hendrik, age 5
1895282CEDERASHelenaage 30
1895283CEDERASHelenaage 30, (Duplicate Image
1895284BRINKRoelof David son of Andries, age 5
1895285KRIEGERMargritta Dorothea daughter of Jacob, age 1
1895286NOBLEElizabethage 77
1895287LUTTIGAdrinaage 30
1895288DU PLESSISGideon Johannesson Gideon Johannes, age 3
1895289SCHREUDERFestus son of Carolus, age 1
1895290JACOBSMaria age 33
1895291JASONPiet son of Elizabeth, age 0
1895292CONRADIEHendrick Matthysage 38
1895293SYLVESTERStefanus age 79
1895294N.n.Christinaage 70
1895295SWARTChristian son of Christian, age 5 Months
1895296N.n.Ernst son Maryntjeage 7
1895297KOSTERGrich daughter of Karolus, age 2, (Duplicate Notification
1895298RODAN.n. son of Samuel Martinus, age 6 Months
1895299TURNBULLMatthew age 35
1895300FYFERBella daughter of Hendrick, age 2
1895301LOWMagdalena daughter of Jonas, age 9 Months
1895302VILJOENJohanna Elizabeth daughter of Philippus, age 14
1895303CONRADIESophia Johanna daughter of Johanna , age 4 Months
1895304LUCASAntonieage 40
1895305DU TOITJohanna Katrina daughter of Ernest Johanna, age 3 Months
1895306GEDULDGert son of David, age 2
1895307N.n.Tomage 33
1895308OLIPHANTMaria Catharina daughter of Booy, age 2
1895309CUPIDOAbraham Jacobus son Dorothea , age 5 Months
1895310KRATORCarl Martinage 70
1895311MOSESElizabeth Hester Sophia daughter of Aaron, age 0
1895312DAVIDChristina Sabina daughter of Jacobus, age 1
1895313AMSTERDAMDavid son of Jacobus, age 2
1895314SOMMERTrinaage 21
1895315UYSJohannes Gerhardus son of Carel, age 18 Months
1895316HUGOJacobus son of Gabriel Francois, age 8
1895317SALIELe Fleurage 70
1895318VISSAGIEGertage 79
1895319SLOMMargaretage 36
1895320JANNETJEAndrias son of Louisa, age 1 Month
1895321KUPIDORachel daughter of Scheepers, age 1 Month
1895322FARVIOMaria daughter of Trui, age 18 Months
1895323JEPHTASarah Johannaage 25
1895324ISSELErnest Jacobusage 43
1895325SEGERSThomas Nicolasage 24
1895326ODIEUGaziel son of Abdool ABDOL, age 5 Months
1895327DOWRIESDorothea Wilhelmina daughter of Dorothea, age 2
1895328ARIESHendrik son of Piet, age 3 Months
1895329HELMJohn son of Stoffel, age 2 Months
1895330KIVIDON.n. son of Fila, age 2 Months
1895331FORTUINSophiaage 55
1895332HARTZENBERGMina daughter of Willem, age 2
1895333ROUSSOUWSarah daughter of Johanna, age 11 Months
1895334AMSTERDAMJacobus Carolus Nicolas age 1
1895335CUPIDOJacobusage 85
1895336ARIESPaul age 44
1895337OCTOBERPeter son of Abraham, age 11 Months
1895338APRILMarthinus Zacharias son of Catrina, age 4
1895339DU PLESSISLisbethage 85
1895340JOHNSONSusara Sophia Johannaage 36
1895341SYSTERJohanna Susanna daughter of Damon, age 6 Months
1895342PIETERSERosina Hendrina daughter of Jacobus, age 3 Months
1895343GABRIELRosina Johanna Maria daughter of H, age 6 Months
1895344BARNESGeorge Stephenage 74
1895345YOUNGAnnaage 50
1895346BEUKESMaria Johannaage 33
1895347COMBRINKHermanus age 72
1895348WILLEMSELendorage 10
1895349JOOSTEFrederick John son of C, age 8 Months
1895350CONRADIEMaria daughter of Peter J, age 1 Month
1895351TITUSJohannes Willem son of Johannes, age 4 Months
1895352ROSSOUWRosetta daughter of Johannes, age 1
1895353MATOMMIESara Christina daughter of Johannes, age 2 Months
1895354DAVIDJohannes Cornelis son of Jeftha, age 6 Months
1895355N.n.Olithaalder(?)age 31
1895356WAGNEREdith Evelyn daughter of W G , age 3 Months
1895357GEYERElizabeth daughter of Marea, age 2
1895358ELIASJohanna daughter of Jephtha, age 7 Months
1895359DU TOITRosetta Katrina daughter of Abraham, age 2
1895360VAN WYKCupido son of Dora, age 7 Months
1895361JORDAANMaria Elizabethage 51
1895362KLIPPEMartha daughter of C, age 10 Months
1895363FEBRUARYSophiaage 80
1895364ADRIAANAdriaan Jacobus son of Magdalena, age 2
1895365SIVASaul son of Maria, age 1 Month
1895366LOFFDaniel son of Christian, age 2 Months
1895367HOUTKOPPERAdam son of Thomas, age 1
1895368WILLEMSEMaria daughter of Carl, age 19
1895369HEATLIEThomas Tennantage 66
1895370N.n.Malgasage unk
1895371HAMMERRobert Noel son of R N, age 1
1895372ELIASDinah daughter of Willem, age 6 Months
1895373ZACCHAEUSJohannaage 27
1895374VISAGIEHelena Christina daughter of Izak, age 2
1895375KOEBERGCatherina daughter of, age 4
1895376VISAGIEDeborah daughter of J, age 6 Months
1895377SWARTSRachel Christina daughter of Jacobus, age 3
1895378MANKODavid Johannes son of Johannes, age 2
1895379WILLEM Alicia Maria Catharina daughter of Coenraad Johannes, age 32
1895380KIEFFERFrederick age 74
1895381VISAGIESara Magdalena daughter of Izak, age 4
1895382CONRADIEWilliam John Daniel daughter of Johanna, age 13 Months
1895383GERTSEAnna Aletta daughter of Anna, age 1
1895384CUPIDOGertage 66
1895385FLUITCornelisage 70
1895386BOERKlaas son of Cila, age 2
1895387CLOETEMagrita daughter of Gert, age 1
1895388RUSSOUWMargaret daughter of Lena, age 3 Months
1895389LUTTIGTheophulisage 20
1895390AFRICAAdam son of Adam , age 0
1895391DENNISKatrina daughter of Elizabeth, age 15 Months
1895392PIETERSEJan son of Daniel and Maria, age 3 Months
1895393OCTOBERJoseph Daniel son of Daniel, age 0
1895394MOLASSESLeah daughter of Johannes, age 8 Months
1895395FRANKEGertruidaage 59
1895396JOCOBSMariena Adriana daughter of G H, age 9 Months
1895397GROOTIJEAndreas Nicolas son of Lena, age 4 Months
1895398SCHREUDERSteynage 5 Months
1895399JEWINGTOOSJage 27
1895400AUBREYClaud Rage unk
1895401CUPIDOGertage 66, (Duplicate Notification
1895402FORTUINClara age 60
1895403CAROLUSMichael son of Leah, age 1 Month
1895404PASSSara Clara daughter of N, age 13 Months
1895405JACOBSSamuel son of Carl, age 3 Months
1895406ROBERTSGeorge son of Lodewyk, age 18
1895407VAN DER VINKHendrik Jacobus son of Janetta, age 1
1895408AFRIKALea daughter of Jan, age 18
1895409AFRIKALea daughter of Jan, age 18, (Duplicate Image
1895410LONGOwen Arthur Francis son of J B, age 9 Months
1895411BLOEMCatrina Alletta daughter of Catrina, age 7 Months
1895412GERBERHelena Catrinanee VILJOEN, age 50
1895413HUGOCarel Stephanus son of G T, age 10 Months
1895414PIETERSEMinah son of P, age 18 Months
1895415SWELLACarolina daughter of Henrietta, age 2
1895416AFRICAArie son of Aries, age 2 Months
1895417JEFTHACatherina Johanna daughter of Minna, age 14 Months
1895418KRUGERJohn son of John, age 3 Months
1895419KRUGERJohn son of John, age 3 Months, (Duplicate Image
1895420JOHNSONClara Elizabeth daughter of J A, age 9 Months
1895421TURNERElizabeth Anneage 72
1895422ANTHONIEJaksage 44
1895423MAYCornelis son of Maria ANTHONIE, age 4 Months
1895424CUPIDOJohannes son of Willem, age 1 Month
1895425KRIEGERAndreas Nicolas son of Klaas, age 3
1895426FRANSMANDavid age 77
1895427VILJOENSophia D Rage 21
1895428FRANSMANErnestina Johanna daughter of Joseph, age 3 Months
1895429BURGERSGerritage 24
1895430FICKHenry Carl Willem son of HJ R, age 6 Months
1895431SCHRODERElizabeth Alida daughter of Harry, age 6 Months
1895432MARTINUSDortjeage 34
1895433BARENDSHannieage 1
1895434SABANFatima daughter of Marjam, age 9 Months
1895435VISAGIEWilliamage 29
1895436VAN ASFrederickage 55
1895437DE WETWilliam D son of H, age 8 Months
1895438WILSCUTShufislo son of Filano, age 0
1895439JASONPeter Jacobus son of Jacobus, age 3 Months
1895440BEUKESBarend Hendrikage 68
1895441BERGSTADTThomas Richard son of H, age 6
1895442OHAAPAbdol son of G HAMMAS, age 15 Months
1895443FEBRUARYSpaasie Florina daughter of Pieter, age 9 Months
1895444BARKANDavid son of Susan, age 3
1895445PETERSEWilhelmina M daughter of Johannes, age 2
1895446HENDRIKMayanaage 70



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"South Africa, Cape Province, Civil Deaths, 1895-1972." Images. FamilySearch ( : accessed 2013.) Worcester; Citing Department of the Interior, Registrar of Births, Marriages, and Deaths. National Archives, Pretoria.

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