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Woodstock Civil Registration: Deaths

Below is an index to the civil registration of deaths in the district of Woodstock, based on the images from the FamilySearch website, transcribed by Corney Keller. The source is listed below. The index includes the deaths of patients from the Valkenberg mental hospital.

Years indexed: (825 records)

  • 1922

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Civil Registration Deaths: Woodstock
19221BYRNEMargaretborn SHEA, 47 yrs, b. Ireland
19222WILLIAMSMagdalene Dorothy3 3/4 yrs, child of John WILLIAMS
19223COMBRINKRachel Johannaborn LANGENHOUT, 76 yrs
19224DOLBYAlbert2 mos, child of Robert DOLBY
19225JONESJohn Peter55 yrs
19226SENDINLionel Graham3 mos, child of J. SENDIN
19227HAYESDennis6 mos, child of Alice HAYES
19228LESLIEBerthaborn JENKINS, 58 yrs, b. Scotland
19229COLLISONElizabeth9 mos
192210MINICANWilliam Robert58 yrs, b. England
192211CONNELYThomas48 yrs, b. St. Helena
192212DIXONAndrew Charles3 mos, child of John Joseph DIXON
192213JESSIAHAnnie4 mos, chils oif Ethel JESSIAH
192214FARRELMichael Thomas6 mos, child of Jack FARREL
192215PAYNECaroline Francis7 mos, child of Helena PAYNE
192216KRUGERDolphina Wilhelminaborn DIRKSE, 54 yrs
192217COMBRINKChristina Isabella2 mos, child of Willian Nichols COMBRINK
192218MARTINLena5 mos, child of Lizzie MARTIN
192219NIEKERK, VANThomas Daniel2 yrs, child of John VAN NIEKERK
192220CLAYTONWillian George Peter14 mos, child of William CLAYTON
192221AUGUSTCornelius57 yrs
192222ARENDSEAntonie25 yrs
192223YONWilliam5 mos, child of Maud YON
192224PHILLIPSRosinaborn GERSON, 23 yrs
192225ABRAHAMSJonas3 mos, child of Sophie ABRAHAMS
192226LEVENDALLFreda Maria15 1/2 yrs
192227ADAMSJoseph8 dys, child of Johanna ADAMS
192228LIQOGodwin51 yrs, b. England
192229MC CANNWinifred19 yrs
192230KINGJohn Charles49 yrs, b. England
192231WASSERFALLGeorge Anderson43 11/12 yrs
192232PETERSClaude Johnston2 1/2 mos, child of Irene PETERS
192233BROWNAledyo51 yrs
192234BOWERSJohn Lewis73 yrs, b. St. Helena
192235LENOXThomas Charles60 yrs
192236BAILEYRonald Hermanus Jacobus9 1/2 mos, child of David Hermanus BAILEY
192237HOUGHJohanna7 mos, child of Nicholas HOUGH
192238MUNNIKAudrey Alida5 mos, child of I.F. MUNNIK
192239HILLElizabeth Merylborn WARE, 65 yrs
192240VERSTERCornelius80 yrs
192241PETERSENHelenaborn Slinger, 34 yrs
192242WEBBPatrick Leslie8 mos, child of Charles WEBB
192243PETERSENJohn48 yrs
192244PATERSONDavid John4 yrs, child of John PATERSON
192245THAKERJessie6 mos, child of Peter THAKER
192246UYSWilliam Claud4 mos, child of Wilhelmina UYS
192247DREYERHenry George69 yrs
192248ABRAHAMSEFred Matthew9 mos, child of J.W. ABRAHAMSE
192249BREDENKAMPPaulus Jacobus vd Merweborn PHEIFFER, female, 31 yrs
192250WEDELJoseph Christian Frederick Kilian80 yrs
192251ADAMSWilliam1 yr 2 mos, child of Simon ADAMS
192252THERONSamuel51 yrs
192253JACOBSGadija6 mos, child of G. JACOBS
192254STEWARTElivira Doreen6 mos, child of John STEWART
192255SANGSTERHilda May15 yrs
192256BASJANNellie1 yr 18 mos, child of Sophia BASJAN
192257COOMBERFrederick4 dys, child of Harry COOMBER
192258MILLERJohn Metford52 yrs
192259MILLERJohn Metford52 yrs
192260MILLERJohn Metfordattestation
192261MANASSICharles30 yrs
192262MC LEANEric Dennis7 1/2 mos, child of A.O. MC LEAN
192263PINNRonald Phillip6 mos, child of Phillip PINN
192264SMITHMaria1 mo, child of Annie SMITH
192265SAMUELSSophie19 yrs
192266ROMANJohannaborn DE NECKER, 101 yrs
192267LOOFERFrank5 mos, child of Frank LOOFER
192268STEVENSLouisa Gertrude6 1/2 yrs
192269APPLEGATEMary14 dys, child of A.W. APPLEGATE
192270GRIFFITHElizabeth8 dys, child of John GRIFFITH
192271WINDOOGELNicholas9 mos, child of Abraham WINDOOGEL, signed WINDVOGEL by the father
192272DALLASDinah Susannah18 mos, child of Katrina DALLAS
192273SWARTCathrina16 yrs
192274BOERElizabeth4 yrs, child of Annie BOER
192275VRIES, DEWilliam19 mos, child of Helligard Johannes DE VRIES
192276HENDRICKSIsmail3 mos, child of Abdul HENDRICKS
192277GORDONJoseph6 mos, child of Susan GORDON
192278BRIGGSFrederick47 yrs, b. Australia
192279MARTINRhoda9 mos, child of Helen MARTIN
192280WILLIAMSChristina18 mos, child of David WILLIAMS
192281HARRISVera6 mos, child of Sarah HARRIS
192282JACOBSJohn8 mos, child of Lettie JACOBS
192283SEPTEMBERHelena Emma4 mos, child of Philip SEPTEMBER
192284SOLLOMONSTinkie1 yr 8 mos, child of Hattie SOLLOMONS
192285ADAMSHenry Arthur12 mos, child of Arthur ADAMS
192286PHILLIPSEdward5 mos, child of Lewis PHILLIPS
192287SCHALKWYK, VANNicholas1 yr 3 mos, child of Nicholas VAN SCHALKWYK
192288THOMASAndrew7 mos, child of Sarah THOMAS
192289ADAMSIsmail53 yrs
192290ABRAHAMSECharles Adriaan31 yrs, b. Transvaal
192291PETERSMargaret Gwenet1 yr 2 mos, child of Kathleen PETERS
192292FERNANDES(Baby)12 hrs, child of Alfred FERNANDES
192293BLOEMKatherine22 yrs
192294ADAMSJohannaborn VAN DER SCHYFF, 83 yrs
192295LAWRENCEMaria Martha47 yrs
192296JOHNSTONWilliam51 yrs
192297ROBERTZEThelma14 mos, child of John Hendrik ROBERTZE
192298ARENDSECharles1 yr 3 wks, child of Eva ARENDSE
192299BARRONJohannes Jacobus80 yrs
1922100BALLUMIEROmar Kolbedien3 mos, child of Kolbedien BALLUMIER
1922101BOSMANWilhelmina Andrina3 mos, child of Dirk Christian BOSMAN
1922102ALTMANAnnie Elizaborn TOXTON, 24 yrs
1922103BAILEYRachael Margaret9 mos, child of Rachyael BAILEY
1922104WILLIAMSHilda18 yrs
1922105JARMANWinnie7 mos, child of George JARMAN
1922106FIVAZHerbert1 yr 4 dys, child of Albertus FIVAZ
1922107NUTTALBaby Gladys5 mos, child of C. NUTTAL
1922108KAWIECarl20 yrs
1922109AFRICAMarthinus40 yrs
1922110LOUBSERVictor Dorset14 dys, child of Peter LOUBSER
1922111RUSSELEdwin George18 mos, child of Philip Richard RUSSEL
1922112ROBERTSKatherineborn JOSEPH, 23 yrs
1922113GOSLETTDouglas Aubrey1 yr 3 mos, child of Oenia GOSLETT
1922114ANTONELSEElizabeth1 yr 1wk, child of Hilda ANTONELSE
1922115LEWISPeter40 yrs
1922116JENNINGSReginald2 mos, child of Charlotte JENNINGS
1922117HANSCOMBESlemmer15 yrs
1922118LEORuth Wilhelminaborn GON, 62 yrs
1922119JANTJESChristian Carl8 yrs
1922120PETERSEdward Hendry2 dys, child of George PETERS
1922121INGLISEdward2 yrs, child of Walter INGLIS
1922122CERFF(Baby)7 hrs, child of Maria CERFF
1922123SMITHCora30 yrs, b. England
1922124WILLIAMSSolomon67 yrs
1922125TRIPPHenry44 yrs, b. England
1922126RICHARDSArthur Graham37 yrs, b. England, aka Joseph George
1922127ADAMSDorothy8 mos, child of Lizzie ADAMS
1922128ROBERTSONOwen Hill2 yrs 2 mos, child of Mr. ROBERTSON
1922129HOWELLSFrederick William64 yrs, b. England
1922130PFUHLGerald Louis1 mo 5 dys, child of Cyril Louis PFUHL
1922131BROWNLEERobert15 mos, child of Robert BROWNLEE
1922132MOODALYIsabel Nayagan Johanna8 mos, child of Ponoo A. MOODALY
1922133TERRYCathrine Marie Magdaleneborn VERWEY, 52 yrs
1922134BROWNLEEJames15 mos, child of Robert BROWNLEE
1922135OOSTHUIZENViolet8 mos, chils of Gert OOSTUIZEN
1922136FRANCISCharlotte9 mos, child of Dinah FRANCIS
1922137MULLERAnna Katrina7 wks, child of John William MULLER
1922138JASSONDirk36 yrs
1922139SWANLOWAlfred John2 wks, child of Alfred SWANLOW
1922140COENMinnieborn ADAMS, 34 yrs
1922141SCHWARTZPeter36 yrs
1922142FOLEYTerence5 mos, child of Timothy FOLEY
1922143BUTTLERDaniel1 yr 3 mos, child of Lena BUTTLER
1922144WARNERAlbert1 yr 8 mos, child of Albert WARNER
1922145RIXKenneth van Reenen6 mos, child of Arthur Christian RIX
1922146ABRAHAMSEFrederick Jamer?33 yrs 7 mos
1922147PETERSENKathleen16 dys, child of Kathleen PETERSEN
1922148LANGLEYJohn70 yrs, b. England
1922149WILLIAMSPaul1 yr 9 mos, child of Paul Daniel WILLIAMS
1922150LUCKESMary Anneborn MORGAN, 90 yrs, b. England
1922151STOFFBURGJanap?22 mos, child of Moosa STOFFBURG
1922152STOFFBURGJanap?22 mos, child of Moosa STOFFBURG
1922153HODGSKINHelena Susanaborn VISSER, 56 yrs
1922154REYNOLDSHilda Cecilia16 mos, child of William Thomas REYNOLDS
1922155WILLIAMSDeborah Francesborn ADAMS, 27 yrs
1922156WILKINSONGeorge6 mos, child of George W. WILKINSON
1922157FISHERJohnabt 40 yrs
1922158PINAARJohn18 mos, child of Solomon PINAAR
1922159ADAMAmina9 mos, child of Dawood ADAM
1922160MORRISMadelineborn BARNES, 50 yrs
1922161BURGERChristian Jacobus14 dys, child of Johannes BURGER
1922162BENNETCharlotte Annborn BROWN, 80 yrs, b. England
1922163MAYJan25 yrs
1922164DAVISElizabethborn TRUSCOTT, 54 yrs
1922165BUTLERMagdalena Gertruida6 dys, child of Grank Johnson BUTLER
1922166WILSONBasil Saniel17 dys, child of John William WILSON
1922167WILSONBasil Saniel18 dys, child of John William WILSON
1922168DAVIDSMona16 dys, child of Moses DAVIDS
1922169LAMBERTJohn Parker75 yrs
1922170PETERSENSusan2 mos, child of Susan PETERSEN
1922171BENZIEN(Baby)few min, child of Peter Cornelius BENZIEN
1922172BRIGGSSidney16 yrs
1922173BRIGGSSidney17 yrs
1922174BADEROONGalea88 yrs
1922175PETERSENBernard Isaac13 mos, child of Robert PETERSEN
1922176CARELSEAdam62 yrs
1922177ZIMSIMaria19 yrs
1922178VANNERClement George78 yrs, b. England
1922179SMITHStephen Johannes3 yrs, child of Stephen Johannes SMITH
1922180GORDONStanley McDonald8 mos, child of James GORDON
1922181TITUSWilliam48 yrs
1922182PHILLIPSRosina Jacoba8 mos, child of Samuel PHILLIPS
1922183ABRAHAMSAbdurahman7 yrs
1922184MILLERPeter George William8 1/2 mos, child of William George MILLER
1922185THOMPSONPeter29 yrs
1922186WORTBarbara Thelma1 yr 9 mos, child of George Charles WORT
1922187PICKJacob Johannes1 mo 11 dys, child of Jacobus Johannes PICK
1922188BAXTERMaryborn DRAPER, 75 yrs, b. England
1922189SAMUELSJoseph18 mos, child of Lena SAMUELS
1922190MCLEANSophy21 yrs
1922191NAGELDorothea Christinaborn VAN GRAAN, 65 yrs
1922192PICKPetronella1 mo 14 dys, child of Jacobus Johannes PICK
1922193EAKINJames54 yrs, b. England
1922194GRAYBlanche15 mos, child of Edward Charles GRAY
1922195BURNETTWalter Charles Compton39 yrs, b. England
1922196DAVIDSONColin3 yrs, child of James DAVIDSON
1922197SAMAITalip87 yrs
1922198BESTERElizabethborn BEDIAS, 69 yrs
1922199EYSSEN, VANHenry James51 yrs
1922200JOSIASGertrudeborn MOYCE, 48 yrs, b. St. Helena
1922201CAROLISSusanborn FORTUIN, 65 yrs
1922202SAMUELSRosie3 yrs, child of John SAMUELS
1922203AMERICAWilliam7 mos, child of Annie AMERICA
1922204AMERICAWilliam7 mos, child of Annie AMERICA
1922205BROLLJacob65 yrs, b. Russia
1922206TURNESS?John60 yrs, b. England
1922207CLARKDavid9 mos, child of David CLARK
1922208HAYWARDStanley Alexander2 mos, child of Alfred Alexander HAYWARD
1922209HAYWARDStanley Alexander2 mos, child of Alfred Alexander HAYWARD
1922210BANGERSusan5 mos, child of Bonjer BANGER
1922211ELLIOTIGeorge45 yrs, b. Greece
1922212LUCOCKGeorge Thomas61 yrs 6 mos, b. England
1922213ISAACSJames50 yrs
1922214STEMMETWilliam26 yrs
1922215MORRISONJames48 yrs, b. Scotland
1922216GARDINERDennis Edward11 yrs 2 mos
1922217WALDRONHanna Janeborn HUNEYWELL, 58 yrs, b. England
1922218SMITHLeonard Fitzroy14 mos, child of John Fitzroy SMITH
1922219DIENERGwendoline11 mos, child of Christian William DIENER
1922220KEMPAbdrachum9 mos, child of Malie KEMP
1922221MAITLANDElizabeth Jacobaborn MORGONROOD, 56 yrs
1922222MAITLANDElizabeth Jacobaborn MORGONROOD, 56 yrs
1922223KLOETEJohn1 yr 3 mos, child of Elsie KLOETE or CLOETE
1922224ISAACSJacob31 yrs
1922225PETERSENEva1 mo, child of Maria PETERSEN
1922226LENDERSEdmund Joseph Walter21 mos, child of Charles Edmund LENDERS
1922227JEAVENSophyborn LOSTROM?, 27 yrs
1922228JEAVENSophyborn LOSTROM?, 27 yrs
1922229OHLSONLucas Johannes50 yrs
1922230SIMONSRosinaborn JACOBS, 87 yrs
1922231ROBERTSOlive Bertha6 mos, child of Lambert ROBERTS
1922232EVERTSAnnie3 1/2 yrs, child of Walter EVERTS
1922233COMBRINKAletta Hendrina Jacoba2 yrs, child of Casparus Muldar COMBRINK
1922234HERTZENBERGElizabeth2 mos, child of John HERTZENBERG
1922235JEFTHAWilliam1 yr 9 mos, child of Jacobus JEFTHA
1922236ARENDSEJogie1 yr, child of Ismail ARENDSE
1922237GAMBLINGJoan Constance14 mos, child of Charles William GAMBLING
1922238BRGertrud Jessie2 yrs, child of Theodor Frederick Carl BR
1922239BAILEYGodfrey1 yr 10 mos, child of John Hendry BAILEY
1922240CAIRES, DELuzia Maria2 yrs, child of Jordao DE CAIRES
1922241LEVYMohammed Sedick13 yrs
1922242HAREWilliam65 yrs
1922243ABRAHAMSEAndrie Christoffel1 yr
1922244CAULFIELDJames Joseph45 yrs, b. Ireland
1922245PREEZ, DULeon Johannes9 mos, child of Nicholas Johannes DU PREEZ
1922246JOHNSTONAndrew John34 yrs
1922247JOHNSTONAndrew John34 yrs
1922248ADAMSGagijaborn MESESH, 39 yrs
1922249SIMPSONAlbertaborn Hoole, 49 yrs, b. England
1922250ABRAHAMSEElizabeth Alewinaborn SMUTS, 43 yrs
1922251STEVENSArthur71 yrs, b. St. Helena
1922252MARTINHenry16 mos, child of Cornelia MARTIN
1922253GRAHAMGeorge Thomas65 yrs, b. England
1922254REYNOLDS(Baby)2 hrs, twin, child of John James REYNOLDS
1922255REYNOLDS(Baby)9 hrs, twin, child of John James REYNOLDS
1922256PETERSENDavid54 yrs
1922257VOGESCornelia Mariaborn JACOBS, 74 yrs
1922258ROBERTSONRose59 yrs
1922259SALASAAhbas70 yrs
1922260VEARYAbraham68 yrs
1922261EAGARJohn Thomas69 1/2 yrs, b. Ireland
1922262DUCKERWORTHCatherinaborn HOLT, 74 yrs, b. England
1922263BLEEKER(Baby)1 dy, child of Lenie BLEEKER
1922264SAADIENMiriam3 mos, child of Jassar Mohamed SAADIEN
1922265VIEGEN, VANJacoba Susanna Elizabethborn BROOKS, 85 yrs
1922266SWART(Baby)1 mo, child of Caroline SWART
1922267MULLER(Baby)12 hrs, child of Johanna MULLER
1922268FUGGLECharlotteborn MOSES, 77 yrs
1922269POWELLJohanna Susanna Wilhelminaborn Holloway, 57 yrs
1922270WEBBERBeatrice Mary43 yrs, b. England
1922271PIENAARAnnieborn HARMES, 38 yrs
1922272COLLINS(Baby)48 hrs, child of Hendrik Abraham de Villiers COLLINS
1922273MARAISIsaac14 dys, child of Isaac Marais
1922274ESTERHUIZENMargrata Elizabeth2 mos 4 dys, child of Williem Johannes ESTERHUIZEN
1922275CATSDoris Gladys11 mos, child of William CATS
1922276LINDEMANGeorgina Jacobusborn JAFTER, 54 yrs
1922277HENDRICKSPeter2 mos, child of John Hendricks
1922278COLLINGSReginald James41 yrs, b. Cork Island
1922279GRACEVirgil Raymond16 mos, child of William GRACE
1922280DUGGAN(Baby)6 hrs, child of John DUGGAN
1922281KELMANMargaretborn STEPHEN, 75 yrs, b. Scotland
1922282BENJAMINEvelyn15 yrs
1922283NEWMAN(Baby)1 dy, child of Garret Robert NEWMAN
1922284KHANAysa14 mos, child of Achmat KHAN
1922285PRIESTLYCaroline11 mos, child of William PRIESTLY
1922286BARRONNicholas40 yrs
1922287BARRONNicholas40 yrs
1922288MAGGOTJohn68 yrs, b. St. Helena
1922289ARENDSENellie4 mos, child of Sabina ARENDSE
1922290MARTINJacob Henry37 yrs
1922291HENDRICKSMymoona1 yr 4 mos, child of Latieff HENDRICKS
1922292WARDSophiaborn LENDERS, 70 yrs
1922293WARDSophiaborn LENDERS, 70 yrs
1922294JANSENJaphtha47 yrs
1922295FURNEYJames67 yrs, b. Ireland
1922296WELCOMESarah2 wks, child of John WELCOME
1922297FOWLERWilhelmina Henriettaborn RAYTER, 45 1/2 yrs
1922298FRANZENSophia Lena Rosie2 1/2 mos, child of John FRANZEN
1922299WIESESophia Margaretta Petronella3 mos, chils of Johannes Jacobus WIESE
1922300NOLANEllenborn IMPEY?, 30 yrs
1922301KAMALIEMariam21 yrs
1922302ROYALGladys3 yrs, child of Gamat Salie ROYAL
1922303WESSELSJosephine18 yrs
1922304LAWSONHester Catherineborn DE WIT, 69 yrs
1922305DAVIDSVeronica Martha4 mos, child of Martha DAVIDS
1922306VOSEbenhaezer Benedictus18 mos, child of Jacobus Johannes VOS
1922307OSMONDHenry Albert24 yrs
1922308CARELSEJames Edward2 yrs 1 mo, Child of Thomas CARELSE
1922309CAPESWilliam Henry57 yrs
1922310WETERLANDCharles52 yrs, b. Finland?
1922311MINTOR(Baby)3 dys, child of Rachael MINTOR
1922312MINTOR(Baby)3 dys, child of Rachael MINTOR
1922313SAMUELSChristina5 mos, child of Christofel SAMUELS
1922314JOUBERTJeanetta1 yr 1 mo, child of Cathrine JOUBERT
1922315JACOBSJames Mathews7 mos, child of Hendry JACOBS
1922316GILLMER(Baby)1 dy, child of Bernard Stuart GILLMER
1922317LANDRY?Evaborn BROWN, 82 yrs
1922318LERMMartha Jacoba Elizabethborn LOUBSHER, 39 yrs
1922319ELIASJohannes3mos, child of Katrina ELIAS
1922320BAKERJohn18 mos, child of James Baker
1922321THORNLEYErnest Harold41 yrs, b. England
1922322KEHLJoseph Charles3 yrs 4 mos, child of Reubin KEHL
1922323MOHAMEDFatima Kassiem15 dys, child of Kassiem MOHAMED
1922324MILLERHenry William19 dys, child of Henry MILLER
1922325ARENDSEStephanus Johannes10 dys, child of Eva ARENDSE
1922326SCHENCKJanettaborn FORD, 46 1/2 yrs
1922327MIDDLEMISTJaneborn PYE, 64 yrs
1922328TAMAKEESKatherineborn BERONG, 48 yrs
1922329MARTINAnnie8 mos, child of Annie MARTIN
1922330HENDRICKSWilhelminamaiden name unknown, 61 yrs
1922331LEONARDNasiraborn JAMTIRA, 47 yrs
1922332RIFFELAda20 yrs
1922333JACKSONJohannes11 mos, child of Johannes JACKSON
1922334COMBRINKWilhelmina Petronellaborn BRINK, 77 yrs
1922335ISAACSAsaborn MAHOMET, 30 yrs
1922336STEYNJohn63 yrs
1922337GONCALVESCecil50 yrs
1922338WILLIAMSThomas52 yrs
1922339WILLIAMSThomas52 yrs
1922340FOURIEHendrina Henriettaborn SCHWARTZ, 65 yrs
1922341WILLIAMSDorothy14 mos, child of Albertus WILLIAMS
1922342ADAMChristina Allanborn ALLAN, 73 yrs, b. Scotland
1922343BREAKWELLOlive4 mos, child of Cathrine BREAKWELL
1922344NICHOLSGertrude Jacoba5 yrs, child of Robt. Peter NICHOLS
1922345LEYEthel Maudborn CLAUSEN, 34 yrs
1922346GONSMinel2 1/2 yrs, child of Andrew Carel GONS
1922347MINNIEAndrew2 mos, child of Suzan MINNIE
1922348HENDRICKSKatrinamaiden name unknown, 70 yrs
1922349STEVENSJacobus10 yrs
1922350TURNERHilda Edith Elizabeth22 yrs, b. England
1922351PIETERSENJohanna5 wks, child of Minnie PIETERSEN
1922352PIETERSENJohanna5 wks, child of Minnie PIETERSEN
1922353PAULSERichard2 1/2 yrs, child of Johannes PAULSE
1922354MARTINDavid30 yrs
1922355STOFFBURGHadjira44 yrs, child of Moosa STOFFBURG
1922356ALIOmar32 yrs
1922357KENNARDMary Anneborn MOORE, 77 yrs, b. England
1922358VINEROwen Joseph1 yr, child of Harold VINER
1922359CLARKEJean1 yr 4 mos, b. Transvaal, child of Thomas CLARKE
1922360ISAACSGasant4 mos, child of Isaac ISAACS
1922361FILLANDERMohamed Rashad9 mos, child of Manie FILLANDER
1922362REDICKAAdam3 dys, child of Ires REDICKA
1922363NKOTSHOBAThomas Richard1 yrs, child of Henry NKOTSHOBA
1922364KAMINERWolf30 hrs, child of Samuel KAMINER
1922365GRACEJohanna13 dys, child of Emanuel William John GRACE
1922366JACOBSMartha Louisa9 mos, child of William JACOBS
1922367STOCKWELLSidney Alexander31 1/2 yrs
1922368LOUWJohannes68 yrs
1922369ADONISHester1 yr 10 mos, child of Hester ADONIS
1922370VOSHenry Johannes5 mos, child of George Victor VOS
1922371PITTUCKAlbert Ernest18 yrs
1922372KLARESWilliam Frederick42 yrs
1922373ABRAHAMSIshaak10 mos, child of Mohamed ABRAHAMS
1922374FURLINGJoseph9 mos, child of William FURLING
1922375WYK, VANJohn10 mos, child of John VAN WYK
1922376JORDONAnna Susannaborn KNIL, 73 yrs
1922377BENGERRosieborn ARLOW, 29 yrs, b. Transvaal
1922378BLACKAgnesborn MI COMISKIE, 59 yrs, b. Scotland
1922379NAIDOOArthur Anthony1 yr, child of Vaniah NAIDOO
1922380FRASERJames Phillip Marthinus56 yrs
1922381COLEMANWilliam2 yrs 3 mos, child of Margaret COLEMAN
1922382KELLYDavid7 mos, Child of Minnie KELLY
1922383JOHNSONLyzzie6 mos, child of Thomas JOHNSON
1922384TIPPINSZusanaborn ABRAHAMS, 69 yrs
1922385TIPPINSZusanaborn ABRAHAMS, 69 yrs
1922386THOMASJacob14 dys, child of John THOMAS
1922387LINDSELLMavis14 dys, child of Percy LINSELL
1922388JACOBSAlec9 mos, child of Japie JACOBS
1922389JACOBSAlec9 mos, child of Japie JACOBS
1922390NKOTSHOBAFlorina4 yrs 9 mos, child of Henry NKOTSHOBA
1922391MARTINFred11 mos, child of Hendry MARTIN
1922392ROUX, LEGabriel Johannes10 wks, child of Gabriel Johannes LE ROUX
1922393ELLISHannah Jane11 mos, child of John ELLIS
1922394POINTSJohanna4 mos, child of Ellen POINTS
1922395JONES(Baby)1 dy, child of Charles JONES
1922396ELLISJohn Thomas32 yrs
1922397JOSEPHJohn Johannes11 mos, child of Peter JOSEPH
1922398MATTHEWSMichael8 mos, child of Maria MATTHEWS
1922399JOSEPHAnnie1 yr 11 mos, child of Daniel JOSEPH
1922400HARDENBERGDaniel59 yrs
1922401BAILEYFrederick26 yrs
1922402MARTINCatherine21 yrs
1922403MARTINCatherine21 yrs
1922404BLACKBEARDDorothy Hope1 yr 5 mos, child of B.P. BLACKBEARD
1922405TIMMMagdaleneborn ADAMS, 26 yrs
1922406BRANKOAndries Thomas Johannes74 yrs, b. Transvaal
1922407IDASKateborn ALLEN, 32 yrs
1922408SHAWHenry Buchanan2 yrs 5 mos, child of James SHAW
1922411WAGGNERJohn1 yr, child of John WAGGNER
1922412WESTAlfred Edward Joshua60 yrs
1922413WARTE, DEHarriet Angelina16 mos, child of Christian DE WARTE
1922414STERRYRoland George7 mos, child of Cicil Reuben STERRY
1922415FEBRUARYCaroline1 yr 8 mos, child of John FEBRUARY
1922416MERWE, VAN DERJoyce Eleanor8 mos, child of Fanny VAN DER MERWE
1922417WESSELSLeslie Charles1 yr, child of Frederick John WESSELS
1922418HARRISSalecha9 mos, child of Saaideem HARRIS
1922419WALKEREmma1 yr 3 mos, child of Annie WALKER
1922420THOMPSONEllen8 mos, child of Lizzie THOMPSON
1922421KARSTENJohanna Rachaelborn HAMMAN, 54 yrs
1922422KARSTENJohanna Rachaelborn HAMMAN, 54 yrs
1922423DANIELSDavid Frederick5 mos, child of John DANIELS
1922424SIMPSONSpasie Eleda10 mos, child of Hermanus SIMPSON
1922425CAESARJulius3 mos, child of Lizzie CAESAR
1922426PFUHLDorothea Louisaborn BECKMAN, 79 yrs, b. Germany
1922427SOLOMONSStoffel7 mos, child of Stoffel SOLOMONS
1922428PETERSENGert40 yrs
1922429AJANIsmail9 mos, child of Samodien AJAN
1922430PETERSENDaniel6 mos, child of Maria PETERSEN
1922431SHERMANMaurice Jamesaka SHAMEN, 4 mos 3 wks, child of Joseph SHERMAN
1922432SHERMANMaurice Jamesaka SHAMEN, 4 mos 3 wks, child of Joseph SHERMAN
1922433SEPTEMBERCecil4 mos, child of David SEPTEMBER
1922434MURDOCKWilliam John42 yrs, b. Scotland
1922435WOODMANEdith17 yrs
1922436WOODMANEdith17 yrs
1922437THOMASAnnie1 yr 5 mos, b. Dysselsdorp, Oudtshorn
1922438CAROLISENIsaac20 yrs
1922439ANDREWSAlfred Walter61 yrs, b. England
1922440MILLERBerenezer Doreen11 mos
1922441GORDONJafta Marthinus6 yrs
1922442BUCHANANMary Hastieborn MUDIE, 67 yrs
1922443STAMPEREldred Alexander19 yrs
1922444SIMSFatima32 yrs
1922445MOHSAALAysa7 dys, child of Mohamet MOHSAAL
1922446MAGIELIsmail13 yrs 10 mos
1922447FABERJohn55 yrs
1922448HEYDENRYCHNicolena Sara Petronella88 yrs
1922449HEYDENRYCHNicolena Sara Petronella88 yrs
1922450RENSBURG, VANDaniel Benjamin64 yrs
1922451RENSBURG, VANDaniel Benjamin64 yrs
1922452WEBBJohanna Fredricka46 yrs
1922453WEBBJohanna Fredricka46 yrs
1922454SITTERT, VANClarence Arthur26 yrs
1922455PRETORIUSCatherine24 yrs, b. Port Elizabeth
1922456HIGGINSMaria33 yrs
1922457MARLOWMildred Fullerborn SHAW, 56 yrs, b. England
1922458GILESKenneth Roy11 mos, child of Magdalene GILES
1922459MC KENZIEGeorge26 yrs, b. Kimberley
1922460PINNAbraham29 yrs
1922461SPAWNElizabeth13 yrs, b. West-Lonon Cape
1922462BATCHELDERElizabeth17 yrs
1922463SINGHMagdalennborn MOSES, 38 yrs, b. Ceres
1922464JORDAANElizabeth Katrina28 yrs
1922465VIVIANClemmenceborn DREW, 20 yrs
1922466GREGORYMabel Annieborn HOWARTH, 39 yrs
1922467GROENEWALDSophie Mariaborn GROENEWALD, 78 yrs
1922468ROMANAlbertina10 mos, child of Peter ROMAN
1922469KRAUSEFrederick Augustdummy, to be registered in Stellenbosch
1922470KRAUSEFrederick Augustdummy, to be registered in Stellenbosch
1922471GOODIsabella Vickersborn VICKERS, 83 yrs, b. England
1922472THOMASAnnie33 yrs
1922473BOTTLECatherine12 yrs
1922474BOTTLECatherine12 yrs
1922475TERRYFlorence5 mos, child of Wilhelmine TERRY
1922476WILSONHarrietborn MOUNSEAR?, 54 yrs
1922477ECKARDGeorge Renious?44 yrs
1922478MARENSJoseph69 yrs
1922479JAMESMary5 wks, child of Cathleen JAMES
1922480RENTERZenobia Christinaborn ABRAHAMS, 48 yrs
1922481DIEDERICKSSarah22 yrs
1922482WILLIAMSPeter25 yrs
1922483GORDONStephen33 yrs, b. Wolsley
1922484FREDERICKSIrene15 mos, infant of Carl FREDRICKS
1922485HARDENBERGJoyce Mavis21 mos, child of Daniel HARDENBERG
1922486N.N.N.n.18 hrs, infant child of George Archibald MILNE
1922487MORRISJohn11 yrs
1922488OKKERSMathew4 mos
1922489OKKERSMathew4 mos
1922490ABRINK?Daniel24 yrs, b. Riversdale
1922491PRIEMAnnie Catherineborn JANTZEN, 64 yrs
1922492KRUPPArthur3 mos
1922493MULLERMonica Eunice?14 mos
1922494SWALIESadie15 dys
1922495BOCKSENBeatrice1 yr
1922496BOCKSENBeatrice1 yr
1922497FORTUNEPeteraka FORTUIN, 1 7/12 yrs
1922498SEPTEMBERDavid25 yrs, b. Mamre Colony
1922499TRUSCOTT?Eilliam60 yrs
1922500SATARDEANAlavia22 yrs
1922501ABDULLAGopa4 yrs
1922502BELLONGuidel27 yrs, b. Russia
1922503PICKWilliam David4 mos 9 dys
1922504BROOKSArleda Evelyn1 mo, child of Annie BROOKS
1922505PARSONSKatie Nelly Susan7 mos
1922506MOOLMANHarry12 yrs
1922507MASURIET?Hester Elizabethborn VAN EEDEN, 33 yrs
1922508CHETTERGeorge William3 yrs 11 mos
1922509KORTE, DEBarbara Fredrikaborn BAM, 64 yrs
1922510PORTERJohanna Catherina Susan17 yrs, father Frderick PORTER
1922511SMITHHendrickanee HERRING, 32 yrs
1922512HEUGHAnnieborn BODDLE?, 23 yrs
1922513AUGUSTPauline36 yrs, b. Ceres
1922514ABRAHAMSEbrahim2 mos
1922515ABRAHAMSEbrahim2 mos
1922516BLOEMETJIEJames16 yrs
1922517BLOEMETJIEJames16 yrs
1922518SOLLONSElizabethborn KLAAZEN, 25 yrs, b. Willison
1922519SOLLONSElizabethborn KLAAZEN, 25 yrs, b. Willison
1922520SEPTEMBERJohn38 yrs
1922521MEYERSidney Henry9 mos
1922522MEYERSidney Henry9 mos
1922523RABAANOmar48 yrs
1922524RABAANOmar48 yrs
1922525WALKERMary2 yrs 2 mos, illegitimate born
1922526WALKERMary2 yrs 2 mos, illegitimate born
1922527WILLIAMSEdward20 yrs
1922528ABRAHAMSGadeja1 yr 4 mos
1922529BAUKEleanor16 mos, faher Cornelius
1922530MAHEZAFrancis13 mos
1922531WHITERobert68 yrs
1922532SARDOWCarlo8 mos, child of Victor SARDOW
1922533ADRIANATOS?Nicolasalias ANDREWS, 40 yrs, b. Greece
1922534ADRIANATOS?Nicolasalias ANDREWS, 40 yrs, b. Greece
1922535BRAAFPaul71 yrs
1922536SAZIL, VANPeter4 mos
1922537WILLENBERGCaroline47 yrs, b. Caledon
1922538WILLENBERGCaroline47 yrs, b. Caledon
1922539MEDHURSTAlice Margariteborn VANNER, 39 yrs
1922540GEDULDFela21 dys, child of Philip GEDULD
1922541SEPTEMBERJoseph1 yr 4 mos
1922542SEPTEMBERJoseph1 yr 4 mos
1922543PLAATGertruida Elizabeth38 yrs, b. Calvinia
1922544PLAATGertruida Elizabeth38 yrs, b. Calvinia
1922545RAJALAburah Rinf1 yr 3 mos
1922546MULLANYNaomie Ruth1 yr 5 1/2 mos
1922547ENGELJohn William1 mo 15 dys, b. West-London
1922548FOURIEJohn1 mo 2 dys, child of Jacobus FOURIE
1922549ADAMSSarah52 yrs, b. Paarl
1922550HAUPTAgnes Dorothy1 mo 8 dys
1922551ROBERTSONEdith Mary Francisborn GOEDE, 28 yrs
1922552CASPERJohn58 yrs
1922553HARTLEYHajera13 dys, child of Ebrahim HARTLEY
1922554DAVIDSEbraheem7 1/2 mos, child of Isaac DAVIDS
1922555KLEINBenjamin7 wks, child of Solomon KLEIN
1922556SCHALKWYNBagah61 yrs
1922557JACKSONCarolus35 yrs
1922558ABRAHAMSMohamed Allie19 mos, child Abakar ABRAHAMS
1922559GOLIATHJoseph27 yrs
1922560YEATSCharles Frederick48 yrs
1922561N.N.N.n.11 dys, child of Anna HORN
1922562SESOKarl5 wks
1922563LOSELAReuben2 1/2 yrs
1922564PONTACGertrude19 yrs
1922565TITUSSopia4 mos
1922566SIMSONElizabethborn SWYMAN, 29 yrs, b. St. Helena
1922567TISKETheodore Emile40 yrs
1922568RATCLIFFWilliam Henry17 dys
1922569BOTMANRachael Florentinaborn SAMUELS, 58 yrs
1922570MAJIETGaia6 mos, child of Abdrachman MAJIET
1922571PETERSENChristian52 yrs, b. Paarl
1922572ARIFDIENJunain61 yrs
1922573MULVEYKathlene Cherry1 yr 9 mos
1922574JOUBERTCharles51 yrs
1922575JOUBERTCharles51 yrs
1922576ARENDSEMohamed79 dys
1922577TATAARAhmed1 yr
1922578LAKEYRita5 mos
1922579CLURRYEmma Charlotteborn STOKES, 79 yrs, b. Ireland
1922580CHARLESBerend5 mos
1922581LAWRENCEJames72 yrs, b. England
1922582JACOBSMohamet Hassiem1 yr, child of Hassam Abdol JACOBS
1922583JACOBSMohamet Hassiem1 yr, child of Hassam Abdol JACOBS
1922584HAMILTONRichard6 mos, child of Edward Douglas HAMILTON
1922585NIEKERK, VANJohn Peter4 mos, child of Jacobus VAN NIEKERK
1922586SCHOLTZEllenborn ARENDSE, 43 yrs
1922587CLOETEHarold4 mos
1922588MOHAMEDSulaman6 mos
1922589JONGH, DEJacobus22 mos
1922590JULISB. B.observation of form 135 X
1922591JULISBarry Beonis8 mos
1922592SOLOMONAnnie Georgina12 mos, child of Sarah SOLOMON
1922593SCHROEDERRekea5 mos
1922594DAVIDSGladys Ethel8 mos
1922595VLOKDennis15 mos
1922596SEDERSHenry13 dys
1922597FORTUNESamuel43 yrs, b. England
1922598FORTUIN---observation of form 141X
1922599N.N.N.n.5 hrs, child of Annie (Amina) HENDRICKS
1922600PONTACEmily10 mos
1922601HOLMHerman40 yrs, b. Germany
1922602HOLMHerman40 yrs, b. Germany
1922603KERTZ?Annie18 yrs
1922604JASMINEFred58 yrs
1922605RINAN?Matilda42 yrs
1922606RINAN?Matilda42 yrs
1922607OMARAbdullah36 yrs
1922608TOWNESWilliam3 mos 4 dys
1922609TOWNESWilliam3 mos 4 dys
1922610VERMEULENAnna Susanna5 mos
1922611HOLLENBACHSarah2 mos
1922612NOVEMBERKate Elizabeth1 yr
1922613NOVEMBERKate Elizabeth1 yr
1922614STOFFELSJoseph43 yrs
1922615LAMBERTPhilip42 yrs
1922616LAMBERTPhilip42 yrs
1922617REYNOLDSWilliam Johannes13 mos
1922618STOFFELSEdward4 mos
1922619FRASERIsabella49 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from King Williams Town
1922620BANNISTERMelanie Jeanie Marieborn POTENCIER, 76 yrs, b. France
1922621PFEIFFERElizabeth26 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from Robben Island
1922622PFEIFFERElizabeth26 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from Robben Island
1922623TARRANTEdward54 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from Wynberg, b. England
1922624WILLIAMSEvelineborn SILVA, 30 yrs
1922625JACOBSDora37 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from Robben Island
1922626TSHONGWANAWilliam24 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from Robben Island
1922627DALTONAnnie Matilda41 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from Cape Town
1922628STEMELAJohn47 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from Robben Island
1922629MALANJacob Daniel42 1/2 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from Riversdale
1922630MERWE, VAN DERElizabette Herbst16 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from Wellington
1922631JOLLYPaul3 1/2 wks
1922632DAVIDSHadjer Mohamed43 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from Cape Town
1922633DRAAIDorie20 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from Robben Island
1922634JEFFREYWilliam George56 yrs, b. England
1922635NORWOODBasil Edward Leslie5 mos
1922636ROBERTSONSusan Frances75 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from Wynberg
1922637HOFFMANJames Robert48 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from Wynberg, b. England
1922638TOMLINSONAda Margaret19 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from Durbanville
1922639MZBEKAAmelia44 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from Robben Island
1922640PIETERSJohannes Adolph23 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from Robben Island
1922641ROHLANDRay Raymond2 hrs
1922642(MBABAParaffin46 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from Robben Island, b. Zululand
1922643EAGLEStella Lilian4 mos
1922644GROBBELAARDaniel65 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from Cape Town
1922645SMITHChristine51 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from Wynberg, b. Scotland
1922646LEVERTONSarahborn HOWE, 65 yrs, b. Wales
1922647FERNANDEZN.n.3 hrs, female infant
1922648SHEPPERDJane Clarissa90 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from Cape Town, b. St. Helena
1922649FREDERICKSSarah70 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital
1922650DAKERSArthur William63 yrs, b. Camberwell, England
1922651DIRCKSAbraham25 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from Robben ??gnelberg
1922652GRIFFITHSElizabeth23 yrs
1922653MC LUCKIEJohn79 yrs
1922654KEEVEGerhardus Munnik76 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from Cape Town
1922655DENNISONAnnieborn GRETZ, 57 yrs, b. England
1922656MC CARTHYFlora1 yr 10 mos
1922657FOUCHPaulus Stephanus64 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital
1922658GREYCharles18 mos
1922659CAPE TOWNJohanna68 yrs admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from Cape Town
1922660CAPE TOWNJohanna68 yrs admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from Cape Town
1922662JOHNSTONBryan Desmond26 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from Claremont
1922663BELLAMYEric2 dys
1922664THOMASJohn42 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from Cape Town
1922665BOSMANAletta22 yrs
1922666KELLYJaftha54 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from Robben Island
1922667FISHERLeonard John4 mos
1922668DONVAChristina Wilhelmina3 yrs
1922669NIDDRIEDavid Low85 yrs, b. Scotland
1922670FRANSJohanna79 yrs,admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from Mamre
1922671BUSHMANLouis36 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from ???
1922672BOEZAKSamuel45 yrs, Valkenberg mental hospital
1922673STEVENSWilliam10 dys
1922674SCHWARTZWilhelm Frederick Ludwig42 yrs, Valkenberg mental hospital
1922675BOULTJohn Hugh11 mos
1922676MATHERWilliam George52 yrs, b. Scotland
1922677HENNINGPetrus Eignatius Marais45 yrs, Valkenberg mental hospital
1922678WAVERJohn52 yrs, Valkenberg mental hospital, b. Natal Province
1922679CHADWICKSarah Annborn WOOLFENDEN, 61 yrs, b. England
1922680HANEKOMJan22 yrs, Valkenberg mental hospital, b. Groenvlei Piquetberg
1922681N.N.Jack41 yrs, Valkenberg mental hospital, b. Portugues E. Africa
1922682JONESRay Maryborn SORIER, 56 yrs, b. England
1922683LEELaurence Edward42 yrs, b. England
1922684PRICEEmma42 yrs
1922685WENTZELWilliam1 yr 10 mos
1922686HONEYMANHarry Cameron6 1/2 yrs
1922687DARLINGAlfred68 yrs, Valkenberg mental hospital, b. England
1922688HALLThomas15 mos
1922689REEDThelma Maud16 mos
1922690BRANDAnna Elizabeth66 yrs
1922691SOEKERAmina29 yrs, Valkenberg mental hospital
1922692FEBRUARYMarthinus39 yrs, Valkenberg mental hospital
1922693FOSTERWilliam Forsythe47 yrs, Valkenberg mental hospital, b. Scotland
1922694BAKERPercy40 yrs, Valkenberg mental hospital, b. England
1922695CAROLUSElizabeth42 yrs, Valkenberg mental hospital
1922696KENNYPatrick Joseph41 yrs, Valkenberg mental hospital
1922697DANIELSMartha Mariaborn FOSTER, 68 yrs
1922698CUPIDOLena34 yrs, Valkenberg mental hospital
1922699PETERSEIsaac13 yrs
1922700MACHALADora43 yrs, Valkenberg mental hospital
1922701MACHALA Dora43 yrs, Valkenberg mental hospital
1922702LORENZOAdelaide3 yrs
1922703DESAIJeranjee Raphnathjee41 yrs
1922704VAGUEEdith Marion10 yrs, b. England
1922705VISAGIEIsaac54 yrs
1922706FRANKSTeddyabt 30 yrs
1922707GRASSICLuigi Ailasia21 yrs
1922708BROWNAlbert Walter58 yrs, b. England
1922709BISEMBEMarthaborn MC NAIR, 83 yrs
1922710MICHAELSElizabethborn PRECTOR, 24 yrs
1922711BESTERMichael Christiaan Nicolaas80 yrs, Valkenberg mental hospital
1922712ELLISMartha Maria71 yrs, Valkenberg mental hospital
1922713MARNITZFrederick John26 yrs, Valkenberg mental hospital
1922714KEMPGeorge41 yrs
1922715JOHANNESJacobus32 yrs
1922716WHITESarah Elizabethborn ORMOND, 39 yrs
1922717FEARMANElizabethborn JONES, 82 yrs, b. England
1922718SMUTSCharles11 dys
1922719COTZEEN.n3 hrs
1922720HENDRICKSAnna18 mos
1922721HENDRICKSAnna18 mos
1922722WINDVOGELHermanus46 yrs
1922723WILLIAMSMaria63 yrs, b. England
1922724GRESTYGeorge Bell64 yrs, b. England
1922725BRANDAnna Cattarinaborn BRAND, 74 yrs
1922726MERWE, V.D.Sarel6 yrs, Valkenberg mental hospital
1922727ADAMSSimpson75 yrs
1922728ADAMSSimpson75 yrs
1922729THOMAPeter1 mo
1922730KELLERAlfred2 yrs
1922731JACOBSKitty35 yrs, Valkenberg mental hospital
1922732STEENKAMPLouisa79 yrs, Valkenberg mental hospital
1922733TRESADERNAnnie Rebecca45 yrs, Valkenberg mental hospital, b. England
1922734BONDEdwin71 yrs, Valkenberg mental hospital
1922735MARMANMariaalias Maria LERS?, 32 yrs, Valkenberg mental hospital
1922736HAGANMargaret Susanborn THOMAS, 49 yrs
1922737PRINCEJaptha35 yrs
1922738FRECKCaroline Thraves42 yrs, Valkenberg mental hospital, b. England
1922739FILANDERJampie44 yrs
1922740DAVIESElizabeth Annborn JAMES, b. Wales
1922741AFRICAWilliam1 mo
1922742BARCLAYJan17 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from Robben Island
1922743WITBOOISannah43 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from Robben Island
1922744MOLLICKWilliam29 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from Robben Island
1922745PRENTZDorothea74 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from Robben Island
1922746PETERSEND??? Frederick22 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from Robben Island
1922747BRAUNFranz58 yrs, b. Germany
1922748BERGEMANNJohanna Louisa15 dys
1922749WESSELSCornelia28 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from Robben Island
1922750MALLINDIBreakfast50 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from Ndateni
1922751CALLISWilliam63 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital
1922752APPALUSMoses4 mos
1922753ANDROEJohannes4 yrs
1922754WACHERPFENNIGElsie Annieborn FLETCHER, 31 yrs, b. England
1922755MILLERFred36 yrs
1922756HARTMANIdaborn DORNESHORE, 61 yrs
1922757BUYSFreek26 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg from Oudtshoren
1922758ROELOFSEJacobus35 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from Knysna
1922759TEARNANCharles Henry77 yrs, b. England
1922760NIEHAUSDavid Johannes2 mos
1922761HOLLOWAYGeorge James38 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from Bellville
1922762HOLLANDAudrey10 mos
1922763BERG, VAN DERArchie5 mos
1922764MAPENADianalias Diana, 33 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from Robben Island
1922765SMITJohannes46 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from Oudtshoorn
1922766WEZEL, VANElizabeth Marianee GROENEWALD, 43 yrs
1922767WEZEL, VANElizabeth Marianee GROENEWALD, 43 yrs
1922768WET, DEMargaritha Magdalena61 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from McGregor Robertson
1922769MILLSJessie1 dy
1922770WOOChoi Hing76 yrs, b. China
1922771WILSONAgnesmaieden name not known, 66 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from Old Somerset hospital
1922772PRINSLOONicolaas Ernest32 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg from Robben Island
1922773HOLLIDAYAnna Mariaborn PALM, 73 yrs
1922774WEZEL, VANHester Margnerite46 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from Kraensfield
1922775KAYJohn66 yrs, b. England
1922776NOACHNaomi68 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from Piquetberg
1922777PRINCEFrancis44 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from Cape Town
1922778SADIENAbdurachman50 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from ???
1922779HOORNClara11, admitted to Valkenberg from Carnarvon
1922780HILLHendrietta Darlingabt 90 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from Mowbray
1922781VILLIERS, DEChristinaborn DE BEER, 73 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from Observatory Rd.
1922782MAGGOTArthur William23 yrs
1922783DUFFWilliam James Scott52 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from Muizenberg, b. Scotland
1922784N.N.Kehlana27 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from Robben Island
1922785ROACHEthel Mary35 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from Cape Town
1922786NOBLEMary69 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from Observatory Rd.
1922787ROOSEdith2 dys
1922788WILSONElizabeth Christina51 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from Cape Town
1922789WILSONElizabeth Christina51 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from Cape Town
1922790ROGERSPeter20 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from Kimberley
1922791HEYNESSabina37 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from Cape Town
1922792KEMPTHORNEJessie39 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from Claremont
1922793SWARTJohanna Susanna Christina69 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from Napier
1922794WET, DEBarend Petrus70 yrs, Valkenberg mental hospital
1922795HORNKlaas70-80 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from Gordon's Bay
1922796DANIELLouisa Maria52 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from Cape Town
1922797SYCEPeter11 1/2 mos
1922798SIMONSJapie5 mos
1922799MEYERMinanee MOSTERT, 67 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from Old Somerset hospital
1922800THUYNSMAChristina Maria65 yrs, Valkenberg mental hospital
1922801LEIBBRANDTDonald George4 mos
1922802HOPKINSAlfred55 yrs
1922803DUDLEYHenry3 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from Kalsbos Kraal
1922804HANSEN?Ernest3 yrs 8 mos
1922805FLAMENJoel44 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from Robben Island
1922806THOMASEva26 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from Robben Island
1922807GRIFFORDPhyllis Doreen6 yrs
1922808HAUPTGertrude50 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from Plumstead
1922809LOFTHOUSEThomas Oswald54 yrs, b. England
1922810LOFTHOUSEThomas Oswald54 yrs, b. England
1922811LOFTHOUSEThomas Oswaldattest.
1922812LOFTHOUSEThomas Oswaldattest.
1922813DODLEYJan66 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from Somerset West
1922814BERRANGER?Jacobus Peter68 yrs
1922815BEACHPeter6 mos
1922816CAMPBELLFrances Mary63 yrs
1922817ADAMSPaul23 yrs
1922818SCHEEPERSRose73 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from Robben Island
1922819BARNARDMagritta Magdalena50 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from George
1922820KRAUSEGeorge65 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from Aurora, b. Russia
1922821STEENFrederick John45 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from Muizenberg
1922822STEENFrederick John45 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from Muizenberg
1922823NEARYSarah34 yrs
1922824FRANCISJacobusalias Hendrick FRANS, 23 yrs, admitted to Valkenberg mental hospital from Robben Island
1922825SMITHIsabellaborn CHRISTIE, 79 yrs, b. Scotland



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"South Africa, Cape Province, Civil Deaths, 1895-1972." Images. FamilySearch ( : accessed 2013.) Woodstock; Citing Department of the Interior, Registrar of Births, Marriages, and Deaths. National Archives, Pretoria.

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