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Libode Civil Registration: Deaths

Below is an index to the civil registration of deaths in the district of Libode, based on the images from the FamilySearch website, transcribed by Leanne Starkey. The source is listed below.

Years indexed: (72 records)

  • 1907, 1908, 1909
  • 1910, 1911, 1912

The columns below can be sorted by clicking on the headings. You can sort on two columns by holding down the shift key and clicking both. You can filter the results by typing in a word or phrase in the filter box. The data is filtered while you type. Instructions for accessing the images can be found below the table of records for each set of indexes.

Libode - Civil Registration: Deaths
19071KWENGCASEN.n.25 y, married Pondo woman of ZanduRwane
19072DYARWENIN.n.56 yr, married Pondo woman of Kevane?
19073JAMELANAN.n.21 yr, married Pondo woman of Nyanden
19074MABATSHEN.n.30 yr, married Pondo woman of Bikitsi
19075MONTAGUEElizabeth11 m, mixed race girl of Corana. Uncle C. MONTAGUE
19076SOXALAN.n.30 yr, married Pondo man of Kwam. 1 child
19077N.N.N.n.Request for information
19078NQAWUKILEN.n.16 yr, single Pondo girl of Bikitsi
19079MGWEBIN.n.45 yr, married Pondo man of Mtombe 7 children
190710MHLANTIN.n.40 yr, married Pondo man of Ngcaloshe. 2 children
190711N.N.N.n.6 m, of Mnangana, infant son of MSHWESHWE
190712N.N.N.n.dupllicate img. 11
190713MACANASEN.n.22 y, married Pondo woman of Corona
190714MKETSIN.n.15 y, Pondo girl of Ndzinge
190715SITILANGAN.n.12 y, Pondo boy of Mfabana's
190716MANGXABANEN.n.70 y, married Pondo woman of Coza
190717NOMFOMFOLEN.n.30 y, married Pondo woman of Gungqwana. 4 children
190718MAQUNYANAN.n.3 y, Pondo boy of Mkankato
190719SABABAN.n.28 y, single Pondo man of Hle?gwenyeni
190720SABABAN.n.Correction img. 19
19081NGIKON.n.42 yrs, married Pondo man of Sigwangeni
19082MAVALELON.n.25 yrs, married Pondo woman of Mgaqweni
19083LATROBIN.n.9 yrs, Pondo boy of Mgazi
19084NKOSAZANAN.n.18 yrs, single Pondo woman of Mzimvubu
19085VAN DER BYLPatience Noquku7 mths, infant girl. Father - F.J? VAN DER BYL of Libode
19086MSILABella Manyaniso40 yrs, married Fingo woma of Ncambedlana
19087DENNISGeorge10 yrs, mixed race boy of Xulu
19088NDWAGAN.n.35 yrs, married Pondo man of Coza. 6 children
19089MKOSANAN.n.15 yrs, Pondo boy of Kwam
190810VILINTOMBININ.n.35 yrs, married Pondo man of Ngcalotshe. 4 children
190811NOJIKILIN.n.abt 60 yrs, single man of Tabankulu. Died and buried in Coza, Libode district.
190812YEKWAYON.n.29 yrs, married Pondo man of Endwe. 1 child
19091JOHANNESBURGN.n.4 yrs, Pondo boy of Ncambedlana
19092MAKWELENIN.n.17 yrs, Pondo boy of Syara
19093KLAASN.n.34 yrs, married Pondo man of Libode
19094NOMATSHWAN.n.30 yrs, widowed Pondo woman of Mbalisweni. 1 child
19095N.N.N.n.Unnamed infant girl, newborn, Pondo, mother MANKOMO of Corana
19096NONGAHLAMANAN.n.13 yrs, Pondo boy of Nkokwe
19097NOMADYA?N.n.18 yrs, single Fingo woman of Corana
19098NYANISOElijah29 yrs, married Fingo man of Gungululu
19099NONTSIZIN.n.12 yrs, Fingo girl of Bikitsi
190910BUNGEN.n.24 yrs, single Fingo man of Mgazi
19101PUNGUN.n.50 y, married Pondo man of Mbengo's Location, Libode district
19102PUNGUN.n.duplicate of image 1
19103MQULEN.n.26 y, married Pondo woman of Dinana's Locations, Libode
19104NOMAHLWEMPUN.n.2 y, Pondo girl of Dlayedwa's Kraal, Badla's Location, Libode
19106MAMGCOTQELWAN.n.20 y, married Pondo woman, of Simanzi - Nobolo's Location, Libode
19108GWEBECIKELEN.n.7 y, Pondo boy of Lukuni, Libode district
19111PRATTIris Gerturde11 mths, of Libode
19112BUNNCecil Leslie Tyler4 mths, residence Libode, buried Umtata
19113SIPOTWANEN.n.abt 20 yrs, single Fingo man of Mount Frere
19114LUSAWANAN.n.abt 58 yrs, married Pondo man of Mjikelo's, 4 children
19115LUSAWANAN.n.duplicate of image 4
19116YEKOCitiwe1 yr, Fingo girl of Mdlankomo. Father - Moses YEKO
19117RASIN.n.abt 28 yrs, married Pondo man of Simanzi. 1 child
19118SMITHOscar49 yrs, single european man, trader of Mtombe
19119WAGENERHeinrich59 or 89 yrs, married european man, pensioner of Mount Prospect, Libode dist.
191110MADALINDYEBON.n.28 yrs, married Pondo woman of Mputsheni
19121MZENDANAJoseph49 yrs, married Swazi man, civil servant of Maxaka's, Ngqeleni district. 4 children. Sarah Ann MZENDANA
19122N.N.N.n.Request for information
19123MFENUN.n.30 yrs, single Pondo man of Mjaliswa's
19124WELLINGTONN.n.abt 13 yrs, Pondo boy of Mbekedana's
19125N.N.N.n.Request for information
19126N.N.N.n.Request for information
19127QOTOLOLWANAN.n.12 yrs, Pondo boy of Ginga's
19128N.N.N.n.Request for information
19129MANCOYAN.n.abt 24 yrs, married Pondo woman of Valelo's. 2 children
191210NGCAIJob32 yrs, married coloured (Pondo) man of Libode. 4 children
191211ZISELEN.n.abt 42 yrs, married Pondo man of Nongotwana's. 1 child



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"South Africa, Cape Province, Civil Deaths, 1895-1972." Images. FamilySearch ( : accessed 2013.) Libode; Citing Department of the Interior, Registrar of Births, Marriages, and Deaths. National Archives, Pretoria.

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