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Lusikisiki Civil Registration: Deaths

Below is an index to the civil registration of deaths in the district of Lusikisiki, based on the images from the FamilySearch website, transcribed by Leanne Starkey. The source is listed below.

Years indexed: (143 records)

  • 1907, 1908, 1909
  • 1910, 1911, 1912

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Civil Registration Deaths Lusikisiki
19071NEWMANIrene Gertrude8 mths, infant dauther of E. S. NEWMAN of Lusikisiki
19072NYATELAN.n.51 y, married Pondo man of Hlabati. 3 children
19073ADAMN.n.40 y, married Pondo man of Mfolozo's.
19074SHELENIN.n.abt 46y, married Zulu man of Qanqiso's. 20 children
19075VETBOOIPaul46 y, married Hottentot, brickmaker of Palmerton. Son - Lawu? VETBOOI. Abt 15 children
19076TSAWA?Manyanya14 yr, Pondo boy of Xura, Sicwe's
19077ZONDANIN.n.30 y, married Pondo man of Nozozo's. 2 children
19078N.N.N.n.Information request
19079DUMIZAN.n.25 y, single Pondo man of Bodweni's location, Lusikisiki district.
190710MSWELANTON.n.abt 35 y, married Fingo man of Myolwa's location, Lusikisiki district
190711CASELAN.n.abt 42 yrs, married Pondo man of Myolwa's location, Lusikisiki district. 20 children
190712N.N.N.n.Request for information
190713KOGINA?N.n.abt 35 yrs, married Pondo man of Gxumceka's location, Lusikisiki district. 3 children
190714N.N.N.n.Request for information
19081HOHNESGeorge Charles Henry31 yrs, married trader of Mkata. 1 child. Brother - J.R. HOHNES of Mbokazi
19082NCITAKALIN.n.abt 24yrs, married Pondo man of Mkata, Myoleras location. No children.
19084SMITHLeonard19 yrs, born Durban Natal, single man of Hlababomvu. Father - G. SMITH
19085STRACHANEdward James62 yrs, married speculator of Belmont, Lusikisiki. Son - J.H. STRACHAN
19086NOMAPONDON.n.abt 45 yrs, married Pondo woman of Ntafufu
19088KOKPetros45 yrs, single Griqua man, sawyer of Mtambalala. Nephew - John DAVIS
19089JANUARIJacobaabt 35 yrs, single Mozambique woman of Maclear. Brother - Johannes JANUARI of Mount Frere
190810N.N.N.n.Newborn infant girl, Mother - Rachel of Lusikisiki
190811NOTAN.n.22 yrs, single Pondo man of Nodumyelwa's location.
190812MENYELWAN.n.25 yrs, married Pondo woman of Mdlovula's location. 1 child.
190813N.N.N.n.Unnamed infant girl, mother - MENYELWA of Mdlovoula's location.
19091PETRIENaomi Daphne Eddie9 mths, infant european girl, Father - Geo. D. PETRIE of Lusikisiki
19092MAKENA?N.n.14 yrs, Fingo boy of Ntafufu
19093FYNNMartha Esther48 dys, mixed race, infant daughter of John FYNN of Fynn's location
19094DAVIESEllen35 yrs, married Griqua woman of Ntambalala. Husband John DAVIES. No children
19095ANDERSONStewart Maclaren7 dys, infant son of James Alexr. ANDERSON of Tabiell, Lusikisiki district
19096MPIMZANAN.n.abt 40 yrs, married Pondo man of Myolwa's
19098KOKHans63 yrs, single Griqua man, brickmaker of Kokstad. Born Orange River Colony
19099SAMANAN.n.abt 10 yrs, Pondo boy of Myangiwe's
190910SODLI?N.n.33 yrs, married Pondo man of Maheneza's
190911MDILIZA?N.n.32 yrs, single Pondo man of Nomvulo's
190912XOBON.n.abt 50 yrs, married Pondo man of Guiga's, 4 ? Children
190913BANGAMAFA?N.n.1 yr, infant Pondo boy of Ntafufu
190914CLARKELancelot Thomas66 yrs, married, born Ireland, Farmer of Willow Park. 16 children. Son - G. J. CLARKE of Sandy Paint, Port St Johns Dist.
190915MANDUNGUNYAN.n.abt 30 yrs, married Pondo woman of Mjoji's
190916LIFILEN.n.abt 25 yrs, single Pondo man of Mjoji's
190918MAMBIKOLON.n.abt 21 yrs, single Pondo man of Dindi's ?
190919UGQIKILIN.n.abt 35 yrs, married Pondo man of Ntshiyantshija's locations, Flagstaff district. 3 children
190920MANGAWUN.n.25 yrs, married Pondo woman of Zibula's. 3 children
190921SOCIN.n.35 yrs, married Pondo man of Ntafufu
190922NOMAFAMAN.n.abt 4 yrs, Pondo girl of Buhlankala
190924NCAMYWA?N.n.abt 80 yrs, widowed Pondomise woman of Qanqisa's, born East Griqualand. 7 children.
190925NORRISThomasabt 47 yrs, married, born England, trader of Luqogweni, Lusikisiki dist, 1 child.
19101MILTAN.n.18 yr, single Pondo woman
19103MATSHITSHIN.n.36yr, married Pondo man of Siciwe's
19105MANGON.n.55yr, married Pondo man of Siciwe's
19107SINQIN.n.30 yr, married Pondo man of Mpunga's
19109NONTUMAN.n.28 yr, single Pondo man of Gouqqa's
191011CANHAMAlfred50 yr, mixed - born Pondoland, living Gongqa's. Brother - H. CANHAM of Mount Nelson, Lusikisiki dist.
191012UGEBEMary Ann24 yr, married Fingo woman, born Lovedale
191014NDELENIN.n.35 yr, married Pondo man of Mhlanga's
191016NZAMELAN.n.50 yr, married Pondo man of Pikani's
191017SWARTZAnnie3yr, Griqua girl, born Lusikisiki. Grandfather - Gertz SWARTZ
191018VON BERGColenso William12 d, infant of mixed race, son of W.C. VON BERG of Buhlanyanga
191019JIKINDUBAN.n.9 yr, Pondo boy of Ngobozana
191021MAMXOZWANIN.n.20 yr, married Pondo girl of Nqeki's
191022PRINSLOON.n.4m, infant Griqua son of Walter PRINSLOO, unbaptised boy
191023KWEZELAN.n.6y, Pondo boy of Nyanqweni's
191025NOMATSHELENIN.n.1yr infant Zulu girl, born in Pondoland, living J. Fynn's Location
191027HOPUN.n.25 yr, married Pondo man of Ndumu's
191029DUPUN.n.30 yr, divorced Pondo man of Pikani's
191031MHLOLAN.n.20 yr, single Pondo man, agriculturist of Sicwe's, Lusikisiki District
191033MONDANYAN.n.30 yr, married Pondo woman of Modiwe's. Husband - NTSILELA
191035N.N.N.n.Infant son of NTSILELA
191037MADUHLWEN.n.23 yr, recently married pondo man, agriculturist of Pikoni's location
191039N.N.N.n.6m infant son of SILWANYANA and MAMLAZA
191041MAMLAZA N.n.40 yr, married Pondo woman of Macufus' , Lusikisiki district
191042MAKALAKATAN.n.50 yr, married Fingo man of Njoji's
191044MAMTEBESEN.n.3 yr, Pondo girl of Nomandindi's
191045MAYAKAN.n.30 yr, married Pondo woman of Nyangiwe's
191048HLANGANANIN.n.22 yrs, Pondo man of Myolwa's
191050MHLANTIN.n.35 yr, married Pondo man of Jwaqu's
191051NGILANIN.n.4 yr, Pondo boy of Embotyi
191053McGOWANJacob2 yrs, mixed race, born Bukazi. Father - Robert McGOWAN of Umzimhlava, Lusikisiki dist.
19111MANTASIN.n.abt 35 yrs, married Pondo woman of Mtelekisa's
19112BANGENIN.n.abt 38 yrs, married Pondo man, agriculturist of Mtelekisa's, 9 children
19113TYOTYWENA?N.n.abt 15 yrs, Pondo girl of Mtelekisa's
19114TENJIWEN.n.16 yrs, Pondo girl of Nozoza's
19115MABALAN.n.60 yrs, married Pondo woman of Maheneza's
19116MTALITYIN.n.20 yrs, single Pondo man of Ndumu's
19117SWANAllan Brownlee2 yrs, born Grahamstown, father J.F. SWAN of Lusikisiki
19118JOHNSONJohannis50 yrs, single Norwegian man, sailor of Xopoza, Flagstaff
19121METHWilliam John59 yrs, married european man, Dipping supervisor of Hlabati. Son - Leonard METH
19122N.N.N.n.Request for information
19123WATKINSONPeter15 yrs, Griqua boy born Kokstad, Storeboy of Lusikisiki
19124TIYEKAN.n.abt 15 yrs, Pondo girl of Siciwe's
19125N.N.N.n.Request for information
19126NTSUKUMBININ.n.abt 3 yrs, Pondo boy of Mtshiba's
19127N.N.N.n.Request for information
19128N.N.N.n.Request for information
19129TANTULAN.n.25 yrs, married Zulu man of Zilulo's?, born Mzumbe, Natal. 3 children
191210N.N.N.n.Request for information
191211MACLWAN.n.abt 36 yrs, single Pondo man of Mgwili's, son of GiCO?
191212BISHOPPhiilipina37 yrs, widowed coloured woman of Ngobozana. Cousin - Walter PRINSLOO
191213N.N.N.n.Request for information
191214HOOLERichard Henry Dudley22 dys, infant son of A.E. HOOLE of Lusikisiki
191215SWARTZGert65 yrs, married Griqua man, born Kokstad, storeman of Lusikisiki. 7 children
191216N.N.N.n.Request for information
191217GOMIVE?N.n.50 yrs, married Pondo man of Siciwe's. 5 children
191218MANDOVELANAN.n.23 yrs, married Pondo woman of Mtshiba's. 1 child
191219N.N.N.n.Request for information
191220COOPERCharles Dudley43 yrs, married man, born London. Doctor of Lusikisiki. Wife - K.M COOPER
191221VON BERGMildred May15 mths, mixed race infant girl of Ebuhlanyanga. Father - W.C. VON BERG
191222DOYLEJames62 yrs, married man, born Belfast, Ireland, shoemaker of Lusikisiki. Son in law-W. WALLACE
191223RALABESIMina26 yrs, Pondo girl of Montlaneni?
191224N.N.N.n.Request for information
191225N.N.N.n.Request for information
191226N.N.N.n.Request for information
191227KOPMANKatrine28 yrs, married Griqua woman of Ntsubane, born Maclear. Husband - David KOPMAN. 5 children
191228N.N.N.n.Information request
191229READWalter Henry64 yrs, married european man of Buhlanyanga. 5 children



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"South Africa, Cape Province, Civil Deaths, 1895-1972." Images. FamilySearch ( : accessed 2013.) Lusikisiki; Citing Department of the Interior, Registrar of Births, Marriages, and Deaths. National Archives, Pretoria.

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