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CJ 780:165 Hendrick Cornelis van Kokenge :: Andries Oelofsz van Christiana - Sentence 1675

Court of Justice, Criminal Sentences 1652-1697, CJ 780 ref. 165 pp. 583-686, Andries Oelofsz van Christiana.

This document concerns Hendrick Cornelis of Kokenge (Kockengen in province Utrecht, NL) and Andries Oelofsz of Christiana (Oslo), both convicts already serving time.
The document is dated 1675, seven years after Andries Oelofsz's first conviction and sentence. It starts off with an introduction of the protagonists and a summary of the crimes they were found guilty of, followed by the usual statement that crime cannot be tolerated in a law-abiding society and that an example should be set, and finally the actual sentence and when executed.

On 6 October 1675 some soldiers from the ships present (at the Cape) were helping with work on the Fort. Some of them removed part of their clothing and stored it between the kitchen and the old church, forgetting to take it with them when they left that evening (after finishing their work). The clothes were appropriated by Hendrick Cornelis with the intent to sell them with the help of Andries Oelofsz. The next morning after the opening of the gates (of the fort), Andries Oelofsz slipped out (without permission) and made various attempts to sell the clothes in the countryside but was unsuccessful. After having hidden the clothes he returned to the fort but was apprehended after being informed on by Hendrick Cornelis. The clothes were collected the next day and returned to their rightful owners.

Hendrick Cornelis was to be lashed severely (again) and to serve an additional eight years in chains on public-works on top of his current sentence.
Andries Oelofsz was to watch the lashing with a rod (cane/lash) around his neck and to also serve six years in chains on public-works.
The sentences were passed on 25 and executed on 26 October 1675.

 Below are links to the complete transcription and images of the sentence.

 Transcript of CJ 780 ref. 165, pp. 583-585

 Images of CJ 780 ref. 165, pp. 583-585

(transcribed by Corney Keller - 2014)

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