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Council of Justice: Contracts (1714 July - 1715)
CJ 2877 ref. 34, p. 83: Nicolaas van den Heuvel, Landrost of Stellenbosch and Drakenstein - Izaacq Dalgue of Holstein

Contract of employment between Nicolaas van den Heuvel, magistrate (landdrost) representing the council of aldermen (heemraden) of Stellenbosch and Drakenstein, and Izaacq Dalgue of Holstein. Izaacq Dalgue is to serve as messenger of the council for a period of one year in exchange for a yearly pay of two hundred and fifty guilders, Indian valuation.
Izaacq Dalgue is beter known under his real name, Johannes Augustus Dreijer, the 'stamvader' of many Dreyer familes in South Africa.

Below is a link to the complete transcription of the contract.

Transcript of CJ 2877 ref. 34, p. 83

(images made available by Annemarie Dreyer and transcribed by Johan Barkhuizen and Corney Keller)

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