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Court of Justice - Notarial and other Documents prepared before or received by the Council of Justice
Contracts (1761-1762): CJ 2897 ref 31, pp. 88-92 - Contract: Mighiel Mulder, heemraad :: Johan Harmen Vos van Beuren, soldaat

Contract of employment between councilor Mighiel Mulder, represented here by the bookkeeper Tobias Jan de Vlamingh, and Johan Harmen Vos van Beuren, soldier, represented here by the burgher Hans Diderik Moor. Johan Harmen Vos is to serve as servant (knegt) and general farmhand for a period of one year in exchange for a monthly pay of twelve guilders, Indian valuation, as well as boarding and lodging. The contract was signed on 26 Aug 1761 and supplemented by two further documents; 1) an affidavit signed by Johan Harem Vos declaring his willingness to enter into the employ of Michiel Mulder for nine Cape guilders per month, dated 29 Jul 1761; 2) a letter from Michiel Muller addressed to Hans Smoor (sic) informing him of the affidavit enclosed in the letter and requesting him to represent Herman Vos as party to the contract, dated 6 Aug 1761.

Michiel Mulder is beter known as Anthonie Michiel Muller, 'stamvader' of many Muller families in South Africa today. Arrived as soldier from Meschede aboard the ship Oostrust in 1735 (source: NL-HaNA, VOC, 1.04.02, 5998, fol. 251.)

Transcript of CJ 2897 ref. 31, pp. 88-92

(transcription by Corney Keller)

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