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CJ 2891:42 Daniel van der Lid :: Fredrik Deijtzeijl of Elsen - Contract 1750

Court of Justice - Notarial and other Documents prepared before or received by the Council of Justice
Contracts (1749-1750): CJ 2891 ref 42, pp. 124-126 - Contract: Daniel van der Lid, oud heemraad :: Fredrik Deijtzeijl van Elsen, soldaat

Contract of employment, drawn up before Oloff Martini Berg, secretary of the Council of Policy at the Cape of Good Hope, between the former councilor (Heemraad) Daniel van der Lid, represented here by the assistant Tobias Jan de Vlamingh, and the soldier Fredrik Deijtzeijl of Elsen. Fredrik Deijtzeijl is to serve Daniel van der Lid as servant (knegt) and general farmhand for a period of one year in exchange for a monthly pay of twelve guilders, Indian valuation, as well as boarding and lodging. The company maintains the right (should the need aries) to suspend the contract and recall the soldier to resume his former duties. The contract is dated 16 Feb 1750, however the second page where the contract was witnessed and signed, was not available for transcription. The contract is supplemented by an anullment dated 26 Feb 1753, suggesting that the original contract was extended twice. These pages however were also unavailable.

Fredrik Deijtzeijl also known as Johan Friedrich Deyssel, 'stamvader' of the South African Deysels. He arrived as soldier from Elsen aboard the ship Wildrijk in 1746 (source: NL-HaNA, VOC, 1.04.02, 6186, fol. 156.)

Transcript of CJ 2891 ref. 42, pp. 124-126

(transcription by Corney Keller)

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