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Prince Albert Civil Registration: Deaths

Below is an index to the civil registration of deaths in the district of Prince Albert, based on the images from the FamilySearch website, transcribed by Gillian Mauchan. The source is listed below.

Years indexed: (169 records)

  • 1895

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Civil Registration:Deaths - Prince Albert
18951ESTERHUIZENJan Christoffelage 64
18952ESTERHUIZENJan Christoffelage 64, (duplicate image
18953RHOMPieter son of Katje DAMONS, age 0
18954JACOBSTeey(?)age 35
18955MARLOWEJohanna daughter of Meitje, age 2 Months
18956BOTESJohannes Philippus Jacobusage 58
18957GRAAFFN.n. daughter of Anna, age 0
18958ROSSHendrik son of Hendrik, age 8 Months
18959OLIVIERN.n. son of Frederick Jacobus, age 0
189510SWANEPOELMaud Catherina daughter of Daniel Jan Hendrick, age 3
189511CILLIERSMariaage 55
189512CILLIERSMariaage 55, (duplicate notification
189513STUURMANKarl son of Haus, age 6 Months
189514DONZAGertage ?
189515ROBERTSAlfred Jamesage 35
189516DE VILLIERSAntje daughter of JJ, age 0
189517JACOBSEvaage 27
189518PIETERSEva daughter of Saaitje, age 7
189519DAVIDSLefun son of Christina SWART, age 0
189520ADAMSJohannes son of Isaac, age 9 Months
189521HARMSEDorothes Elizabethage 34
189522DU TOITCatherina Johannaage 71
189523LENDERSJohannes son of Godtol, age 2
189524LENDERSJohannes son of Godtol, age 2, (duplicate Image
189525LENDERSJohannes son of Godtol, age 2, (duplicate notification
189526DE WITJohannes Jacobusage 17
189527DAMONSKatjeage 23
189528N.n.N.n.unknown male, age ?60
189529SWARTJan age 28
189530LOTZChristina Johanna daughter of Andries Stephanus, age 1 Month
189531SAULSKrisjan son of Klaas, age 15
189532LE GRANGEJoseph Marthinus son of Johannes Jacobus, age 6 Months
189533TITUSHessie daughter of Magdalena, age 12
189534STUURMANKatjeage 45
189535STUURMANKatjeage 45, (duplicate notification
189536OLIVERJane Marthaage 38
189537LOTTRIEJan son of Frans, age 5
189538LOTTRIEJan son of Frans, age 5, (duplicate notification
189539VAN ECKCatherina daughter of Jacobus Michiel, age 0
189540VAN ECKCatherina daughter of Jacobus Michiel, age 0, (duplicate notification
189541AUGUSTMaggie daughter of Petrus, age 5 Months
189542AUGUSTMaggie daughter of Petrus, age 5 Months, (duplicate notification
189543VERTUINLuja daughter of Mina, age 0
189544VERTUINLuja daughter of Mina, age 0, (duplicate notification
189545STALMEESTERMariaage 21
189546STALMEESTERMariaage 21, (duplicate notification
189547THERONCecilia Mariaage 38
189548BERNHARDLouisa Francisage 44
189549BERNHARDLouisa Francisage 44, (duplicate notification
189550WINDVOGELMietjeage ?
189551YEOSydney Page 26
189552GROSSHEEVENWilliamage 70
189553FRYSSENGertruida Johannaage 37
189554OLIPHANTRachel daughter of Sanna, age 2 Months
189555LE GRANGEMatthys Andries son of Matthys Andries, age 2
189556OLIVERFrederick Charlesage 9
189557OSBORNEAdamage 85
189558NATALJan son of Jan, age 6
189559NATALJan son of Jan, age 6, (duplicate notification
189560OLVANTJanuaryage 40
189561OLVANTJanuaryage 40, (duplicate notification
189562OLIVERJohn Oswald son of Richard Oswald, age 14
189563LEVEESeptember son of Klaas, age 0
189564LEVEESeptember son of Klaas, age 0, (duplicate notification
189565LEVEESeptemberage 0, (duplicate notification
189566BRITSMichael Barend son of Okert, age 7
189567MAKABAANZwartbooyage 65
189568VERWEYGertruida Jacobaage 35
189569PAULSEKlaasage 38
189570BREZIESJan son of Jan, age 0
189571LE ROESN.n. daughter of M H, age 0
189572RUSSOUWMaria Johannaage 74
189573AUGUSTRoos daughter of Tryn STEMBERG, age 13
189574BROMMERN.n. son of Barend, age 0
189575JACOBSGoliath son of Saartje, age 0
189576JACOBSGoliath son of Saartje, age 0, (duplicate notification
189577MARSJacob son of Mina, age 0
189578MARSJacob son of Mina, age 0, (duplicate notification
189579COETZEEN.n. son of Gert Maxwill, age 0
189580COETZEEN.n. son of GM, age 0, (duplicate notification
189581SWARTZAnna Christina daughter of JC, age 7
189582MEYERSAnna Johanna Dorotheanee VIVIER, age 40
189583SCHEEPERSGertage 30
189584BOTESAbraham Adrianage 23
189585LOUWMarthinus son of Margrite, age 2
189586OLIPHANTRachel daughter ?age 2 Months
189587JACOBSRosenaage 40
189588TITIESRosenaage 40
189589SNYMANElsieage 18
189590DU PLESSISN.n. son of Elizabeth, age 0
189591DUFTERSISGesn son of Elizabeth, age 0
189592FYVERHester daughter of Gert, age 2
189593FYVERHester daughter of Gert, age 2, (duplicate notification
189594DANIELSLouisa age 15
189595OLIVLOTRIETIERRachel Magdalenaage 40
189596LOTRIETRachel Magdalenaage 40, (duplicate notification
189597LOTRIETGerhardus Jacobus son of Jacob, age 16
189598SWANEPOELCatharina daughter of Peter J, age 0
189599SWANEPOELCatrina daughter of Peter J, age 0, (duplicate notification
1895100MALOWHendrik son of Maria, age 3
1895101ROOSWilliam son of Hendrik, age 3 Months
1895102VAN WYNGARDSarah daughter of Daniel, age 3
1895103LEVEEDora daughter of Anna, age 2
1895104PIKEURJanage 30
1895105PAULSECatharina Corneliaage 37
1895106PAULSECatrina Corneljaage (duplicate notification
1895107RIVIDOHausage 27
1895108JAROOSophia daughter of Piet, age 6 Months
1895109WELSCATMarthaage 28
1895110KRUGER Pieter Ernstage 47
1895111VENTERJacobus Johannes son of Hendrik Johannes, age 2
1895112MATTHYSEJacobus Johannes age 37
1895113MANUELMaria Johanna Rebekka daughter of Filinon, age 2
1895114MANUELMaria Johanna Rebekka daughter of Filinon, age 2, (duplicate notification
1895115BEKKERJacobus Johannes son of Stephanus Johannes, age 1
1895116SWANEPOELIsabel daughter of Piet, age 0
1895117SWANEPOELIsabel daughter of Piet, age 0, (duplicate notification
1895118LA GRANGEJacobus Blignaut son of Johannes Adolph, age 1 Month
1895119VICTORJacobus Lodewyk son of Johannes Lodewyk, age 7 Months
1895120VAN WEELENJan Johannes son of Willem, age 0
1895121SWANEPOELJacobus Johannes age 63
1895122SWANEPOELDorethea Johanna daughter of T J, age 5 Months
1895123SWANEPOELDorethea Johanna daughter of T J, age 5 Months, (duplicate Image
1895124DELPORTCatharina daughter of Adonis, age 0
1895125NUEWEKERKBarnardage 65
1895126WILLEMSEElizabeth daughter of Daniel, age 1
1895128AMBEAALCatje(Duplicate notification
1895129TOPSRuiter son of Ruiter, age 1
1895130PIETERSEMariaage 28
1895131PIETERSEMariaage 28, (Duplicate notification
1895132KARELSElsie daughter of Jan, age 2 Months
1895133JACOBSPiet son of Mozes, age 7
1895134JACOBSPiet son of Mozes, age 7, (Duplicate notification
1895135JANSEEsoiage 60
1895136STUURMANSophie daughter of Jan, age 1
1895137BERLYNDirkage 64
1895138BEUJan son of Gert, age 2
1895139STEYLFransina Susana age 25
1895140MIZEASEN.n. son of Anna, age 0
1895142REUTERSLeah(Duplicate Notification
1895143DE JAGERMartin Turek son of FJ, age 6 Months
1895144DE JAGERMartin Turek son of FJ, age 6 Months, (duplicate notification
1895145PETRUSSeptemberage 75
1895146BAARTMANGertage 80
1895147BAARTMANGertage 80, (duplicate notification
1895148VENTERWillem Adriaan son of Christiaan Hendrik, age 1 Month
1895149DANIELSSarah age 30
1895150GIBBELAARSusanna daughter of Isaac, age 4
1895151ERASMUSMartina Francina daughter of T L, age 6 Months
1895152VISAGIEKatherinaage 24
1895153PHILIPPUSHans son of Else, age 2 Months
1895154BEUKESGerhardus Francois son of M J D, age 0
1895155LE ROUXBurgert Danielage 46
1895156KOETZEBetje daughter of Lina, age 7 Months
1895157VENTERGertruida Jacoba daughter of W A, age 2 Months
1895158VISTERRachelage 20
1895159ERASMUSMaria Magdalena daughter of Jacobus Lodewekus, age 8 Months
1895160KLAASESanna daughter of Flink, age 1 Month
1895161MOFFJanage 35
1895162DE VRIESSusanna Magdalena daughter of GS, age 4
1895163LE GRANGECasper Wilhelmus Albertus age 24
1895164SIZIBooiage 50
1895166KOCHWilhelm son of Andries, age 2
1895167MOWERSThys son of Maria, age 3 Months
1895168LE GRANGEGesina Marianee VAN ZYL, age 55
1895169VISSERHelena Johanna daughter of F J , age 1



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"South Africa, Cape Province, Civil Deaths, 1895-1972." Images. FamilySearch ( : accessed 2013.) Prince Albert; Citing Department of the Interior, Registrar of Births, Marriages, and Deaths. National Archives, Pretoria.

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