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Richmond Civil Registration: Deaths

Below is an index to the civil registration of deaths in the district of Richmond, based on the images from the FamilySearch website, transcribed by Gillian Mauchan. The source is listed below.

Years indexed: (102 records)

  • 1895

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Civil Registration: Deaths - Richmond
18951N.n.Roosage 37
18952DU PLESSISMartha Elizabethage 39
18953ROBERTSRichardage 28
18954RIEPELPieterson of Filda, age 1
18955SILVERSAprildaughter of Dina, age 4 Months
18956LAMBERTJaftaage 70
18957N.n.Kaarlienage 42
18958WHITEGeorgeson of George, age 8 Months
18959BAARTMANKatryndaughter of Anna, age 0
189510TOPDoortjeage 24
189511TOPDoortjeage 24, (Duplicate Image
189512TOPDoortjeage 24, (Duplicate Notification
189513N.n.Klaasage 70
189514MAUSBetjedaughter of Dauster, age 0
189515VILJOENElsie Petronella Catherinaage 59
189516MEAJOHRJakobage 60
189517JOSEPHMeladaughter of Samuel, age 14
189518BURGERAnna Sophiaage 79
189519N.n.Alvynson of Mara, age 9 Months
189520MYSOORHendrekadaughter of Klaas, age 5 Months
189521N.n.Spielmanage 35
189522KAFFIRApril age 1
189523SEDRASFREIR(?)daughter of Piet, age 16 Months
189524VAN DER MERWEPhilippus Jacobusage 84
189525TOPDortjeage 24
189526NIEUWOUDTBarend Jacobusson of B J, age 3 Months
189527VOSTryntjeage 30
189528BOOISN.n.age 0
189529N.n.Jeiusage 30
189530BOOYPietage 55
189531VILJOENGertruida Catharinaage 60
189532MANNANPietage 60
189533FORTUINGeorgeson of George, age 1 Month
189534DAMARASJanage 70
189535HENDRIKReiterage 8
189536DIPPENAARPetrusson of M M, age 2 Months
189537N.n.Aploonage 45
189538VAN WAANDINGENJoosage 55
189539MARGOLLIUSJanage 55
189540MULLETMarthinusage 60
189541VOHUINKPietage 46
189542ROOSJohannesson of Stephanus, age 5 Months
189543ERRIESWillemson of Rachel, age 0
189544VAN JAARSVELDTSarah Johannadaughter of J J, age 0
189545LAMBERTJafthason of Jakob, age 5 Months
189546NIEUWOUDTMaria Magdalenaage 42
189547VILJOENJacobus Frederivkage 66
189548SAPHIESAndriesage 24
189549VAN LOUWLeahage 27
189550KIEVIELPlaatjeage 40
189551N.n.Mietjedaughter of Sarah, age 7
189552VOSPietson of Hendrick, age 6
189553VOSJames don of Hendrickage 2
189554VOSBelladaughter of Hendrik, age 4
189555APRILAnnadaughter of Abram, age 7
189556REDELINGHUISJohannes Kamspekage 30
189557THEUNISSENHendrik Van Zylson of J W, age 6
189558KRIGECatharina Elizabeth step-Granddaughter of AL NAUDE, age 1
189559VAN DER MERWEJohanna Christinaage 64
189560VAN DER MERWEJohanna Christinaage 64, (Duplicate Image
189561SCHOLTZCatharina Mariadaughter of D T, age 18 Months
189563REEDMinaage 28
189564SPIELMANKaatjeage 20
189565SPIELMANKaatjeage 20, (Duplicate Image
189566SNYDERSSannaage 31
189567MINNAARDirkage 20
189568LABANElliedaughter of Mietje, age 0
189569N.n.Booiage 37
189570GEDULTBetje age 8
189571N.n.N.n.age 0
189572CONRADIEPieter Jacobusage 36
189573ABELKoos step-son of Adrian SCHAANEK, age 14
189574ELANDJanuaryage 75
189575MOSESSannaage 9
189576CACHIEBarend age 14
189577APRILSwartsson of Mackai, age 3
189578CONRADIEJacoba age 47
189579SCHEEPERSPhilip age 58
189580WATERBOEIJacob Andriesage 60
189581LAMMERTSWilhelmina Johannadaughter of Mietje, age 3
189582ADAMSKievielage 32
189583ADAMSKievielage 32, (Duplicate Image
189584KIVIDOJacobadaughter of Willem, age 1
189585DE VOSRacheldaughter of Mietje, age 0
189586N.n.Willem age 60
189587ENSLINHester Aletta Jacobadaughter of Johannes Stephanus, age 20 Months
189588FRANSIsaacson of Karlina, age 6 Months
189589N.n.Sniaage 80
189590CRAILLRobert Alexander Danielson of Piet, age 12
189591N.n.Baatjeage 46
189592VAN GROSSBarendage 70
189593APRILSinadaughter of Sina LAMLAM, age 2 Months
189594VILJOENJan Hendrikage 66
189595BERGPlatjeage 60
189596WHEELERJohn Jamesson of John, age 3 Months
189597BERGGeorge age 60
189598ESTERHYZENBarlend Marthinus Casperage 33
189599POLEYHester Johanna Sophiadaughter of W J, age 11 Months
1895100BURGER Hester Johanna Soyganee DE BEER, age 43
1895101N.n.Lea age 2
1895102NEVELLeniedaughter of Jacomina, age 1



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"South Africa, Cape Province, Civil Deaths, 1895-1972." Images. FamilySearch ( : accessed 2013.) Richmond; Citing Department of the Interior, Registrar of Births, Marriages, and Deaths. National Archives, Pretoria.

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