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Ngqeleni Civil Registration: Deaths

Below is an index to the civil registration of deaths in the district of Ngqeleni, based on the images from the FamilySearch website, transcribed by Leanne Starkey. The source is listed below.

Years indexed: (75 records)

  • 1907, 1908, 1909
  • 1910, 1911, 1912

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Ngqeleni - Civil Registration: Deaths
19071MANCAYIYANAN.n.abt 39 yrs, married Pondo woman of Maqebeon, Ngqelini. 6 children
19072PEMENIN.n.abt 16 yrs, Pondo boy of Maqebeon, Ngqeleni
19073ABELN.n.abt 10 m, Pondo infant boy of Mgonondi, Ngqeleni district. Uncle - ZAKADE
19074MVENGENYA Zuntu21 yrs, single Pondo man, labourer of Buntingville, Ngqeleni district. Brother - CENJANA
19075NTAMON.n.abt 16yrs, Pondo boy of Mtakatye, Ngqeleni
19076MALITAN.n.abt 22 yrs, single Pondo woman of Dangwana, Nyamani's
19077PIKIWEN.n.abt 22 yrs, married Pondo woman of Mabululu, Gedeni's
19078SIMLAN.n.abt 40 yrs, married Fingo man of Ziyokwana's Ward. 13 children
19079UMZUNJANAN.n.abt 30 yrs, married Pondo woman of Ndion's locations, Ngqeleni
190710NONKWELO Edwardabt 5 yrs, Pondo boy of Buntingville, Uncle - Ernest J. NONKWELO
190711MALUNDANAN.n.abt 22 yrs, single Pondo man of Mdumbi, Madikizela's ward
190712NOZIYELE?N.n.abt 26 yrs, married Pondo woman of Noxova, Ngqeleni. 2 children
190713MAKAKANAN.n.abt 20 yrs, married Pondo woman of Mgonondi, Vikilahli's ward. 2 children
190714MALUKOSIN.n.abt 14 yrs, Pondo boy of Ludaka, Nzengwa's Kraal, Msolo's Ward, Ngqeleni
19081NOMABANJWAN.n.abt 10yrs, Pondo girl of Mtakatje
19082TANGWENI Maud13 yrs, Fingo girl, domestic work, Magazana.
19083NOBANTIN.n.50 yrs, widowed Pondo woman of Nphilini?
19084NPINDA or IPINDAN.n.20 yrs, Pondo man of Kafuza's Location
19085MAMOAN.n.abt 40 yrs, married Pondo man of Libode's location
19086VAN DER BYL Samuel33 days, mixed race infant son of J. VAN DER BYL of Ntlaza
19087NTAMEKANE?N.n.2 mnths, infant Pondo boy of Ntlaza
19088NPONGWANA Annie7 mths, infant Fingo girl of Ntakatje. Father - W. NPONGWANA
19089MAZIMBAN.n.Single Tembu man, Wagon driver and wagon leader of Mdumbi
190811NONDUNDWANEN.n.abt 20 yrs, single Pondo woman of Dumezweni's location
190812MQWAYAN.n.50 yrs, married Pondo man, buried Nyamani's location
190813N.N.N.n.Request for information
190814NTYONKON.n.abt 5 yrs, Pondo girl of Cumngce
190815MAKINANAN.n.50 yrs, married Pondo man of Lindinxiwa's location
190816MQUTYWAN.n.abt 25 yrs, Pondo man of Rafuza's location
190817JATENIN.n.abt 50 yrs, married Pondo man of Nquba.
190818KING Francis Joseph3 mnths, mixed race, living in Kwanyana. Uncle - Thomas T. KING
190819N.N.N.n.Request for information
190820STAPELFELDT Mary Jane25 yrs, mixed race, single, domestic worker of Bolotwa. Nephew - G. ? JONES or JONAS of Ngqeleni
190821NOKAPAN.n.abt 30 yrs, married Pondo woman of Sizane, Felanto's Location
190822THOMPSONN.n.20 yrs, Pondo man of Mtonga
19091QUMANI?, married Pondo woman of Tsolo, buried Corana, Ntapane's, Ngqeleni
19092MPETJIN.n.abt 20 yrs, single Pondo man of Yokazi, Simanga's
19093DUMALISILEN.n.abt 13 yrs, Pondo boy of Mtakatyi, Maxaka's kraal
19094MTSHIWAN.n.9 yrs, Bomvana boy of Detyana, Mndindwa's
19095MTSHIWAN.n.duplicate of image 4
19096NXATIBAN.n.30 yrs, married Pondo man of Ndlumbini's
19101QILIZWA Deveteabt 15y, Pondo girl of Gadla's location
19102GITSHIMAN.n.22 y, married Pondo woman of Maxaka's Kraal
19103MATSHOCOLON.n.abt 20y, single Pondo man of Sidanda, Mlaka's Kraal, Gwadisi's Location
19105N.N.N.n.Transfer of form
19106KING James41 yrs, married man of mixed race, Speculator of Mgazana, Cousin - Massillier KING of Mdumbi
19111MPONGWANA Catherine1 mth, infant Fingo girl of Mtakatyi, Maxaka's. Father - H. MPONGWANA
19112NEWRING George Henryabt 39 yrs, single european man, storekeeper of Ntshilini
19113CUKWANAN.n.abt 14 yrs, Pondo girl of Gwadiso's
19114MCITWAN.n.abt 48 yrs, married Pondo man of Msolo's. 4 children
19115JONES Edward Gordon2 yrs, father - G. JONES of Mvilo
19116VALINDLELAN.n.abt 8 yrs, Pondo boy of Stanford's
19118SCHEEPERS Isaacabt 80 yrs, married mixed race man, agriculturalist of Guqaza's. Wife - Annie SCHEEPERS
19119MAMGQOLOZAN.n.abt 25 yrs, married Gcaleka woman of Lutambi's. 1 child
191110MAMGQOLOZAN.n.duplicate of image 9
191111MPAMBANISON.n.abt 14 yrs, Pondo herd boy of Sigidi's ward
191112NONKINGAN.n.abt 35 yrs, married Pondo woman of Sigidi's
191113NTIKINCA Rebecca87 yrs, widowed Fingo woman of Old Bunting. Son - H. NTIKINCA
191114ERNEST Ebenezer2 yrs, Gaika boy of Madolo's. Father - J. M. ?
191115KING Mattie19 yrs, Single mixed race man, salesman of Ngqeleni. Father - W. KING
191116N.N.N.n.not applicable
19121VAN DER BYL Letitia Margaret born ROCHIN45 yrs, married Coloured woman of Ntlaza. 16 children
19122N.N.N.n.Request for information
19123VAN DER BYL Johanna1 dy, Coloured infant girl of Ntlaza
19124N.N.N.n.Request for information
19125TRACEY Jane6 dys, Coloured infant girl of Guqaza's
19126MARILLIER Elizabeth Maria7 yrs, Coloured girl of Mabetshe
19127CERES Clara4 mths, Gaika infant girl of Madolo's
19128PAUL Richard7 dys, Coloured infant son of Ida PAUL of Matanzimi's,
19129LESTER William John18 mths, Coloured infant of Umtata
191210NONTUTUN.n.abt 18 yrs, single Pondo man of Libodi
191211N.N.N.n.Request for information



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"South Africa, Cape Province, Civil Deaths, 1895-1972." Images. FamilySearch ( : accessed 2013.) Ngqeleni; Citing Department of the Interior, Registrar of Births, Marriages, and Deaths. National Archives, Pretoria.

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