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Port St Johns Civil Registration: Deaths

Below is an index to the civil registration of deaths in the district of Port St Johns, based on the images from the FamilySearch website, transcribed by Leanne Starkey. The source is listed below.

Years indexed: (68 records)

  • 1907, 1908, 1909
  • 1910, 1911, 1912

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Civil Registration: Deaths - Port St Johns
19071GUMKEL Frank John6 mths, of Tombo, Port St Johns, mixed race,. Father - W. G. GUMKEL
19072KWELAN.n.32 yrs, married Pondo man of Mpingelweni, Port St Johns district
19073MBULIN.n.10 yrs, Pondo boy of Intsimbini
19074NOYIKAN.n.22 yrs, married Pondo woman of Mgazi. 3 children
19075PEDERSEN Thomas Oscar33 days, father - P.A. PEDERSEN of Port St Johns
19076NOMGCIN.n.abt 22 yrs, married Pondo woman of Ndwci's?, Ngqeleni district
19077NZELANEN.n.abt 70 yrs, married Pondo man of Mpingelweni. No.of children unknown
19078ZOLOLON.n.abt 58 yrs, widowed Pondo woman of Ndwalane. No.of children unknown
19081SIKO Paul36 yrs, single man, labourer.
19082MATENDZAN.n.abt 30 yrs, married Pondo woman of Tombo
19083FREER Catherin born BIRCH36 yrs, married woman of Port St John's. Husband - Alfred FREER
19084FREER Catherin born BIRCHMedical statement
19085SIZULUN.n.45 yrs, married Pond man of Zulu location, Bizana district.
19086SIZULUN.n.Post mortem
19087NGADLELAN.n.abt 45 yrs, married Pondo Man of Mvinfelwa's location
19088NGQANYANAN.n.abt 30 yrs, married Pondo man of Mvinvelwa's location
19089NLAZAQA?N.n.abt 35 yrs, married Pondo man of Zintonga's location
190810RAYMOND Ellen35 yrs, married to A?. L. RAYMOND of Sea View Hill, Port St Johns. 1 child
190811N.N.N.n.Request for information
190812ELLIS John Andrew3 day, coloured infant. Father - J. ELLEN of Port St Johns
19091MACHONDOLOLON.n.abt 23 yrs, single Pondo man, labourer of Pilgrim's Rest, Port St Johns
19092NDWENIN.n.abt 4 yrs, Pondo boy of Mvume Springs
19093ALDUN William25 yrs, single coloured man, shop assistant of Big Umgazi
19094HUGHES Charles Robertshaw42 yrs, single european man, trader of St John's River. Brother - F.E. HUGHES of Isinuka
19095SAUNDERS Gracie17 yrs, coloured girl of Ntafufu, Lusikisiki dist. Uncle E. SAUNDERS
19096SAUNDERS Thomas6 mths, coloured infant boy of Ntafufu, Lusikisiki dist. Uncle E. SAUNDERS
19101PANGISO Wynberg11 mths, invant Bomvana boy, son of Thawiza PANGISO of Port St Johns
19102RONWANA? Enoch1 m, infant Pondo boy, son of Joseph RONWANA
19103MATUNZINI Nocubazele52 y, married Gcaleka woman of Port St Johns. Daughter - Sarah GREEN of Umtata
19104MKOZANA Herbert Mabulu11 yr, Fingo boy of Mqakama's. Father - P. MKOZANA
19105FLESHMAN Annie16 dys, infant coloured girl, daughter of Jujy (mother) of Port St Johns
19106KING James41 y, married, mixed race, speculator of Port St Johns. Also registered in Ngqeleni (no 4 of 1910)
19107KING JamesCorrection
19108LLOYD Johnabt 55y, single, landed proprietor of Port St Johns
191010NOQWANA? Shadrackabt 50y, married Pondo man of Port St Johns. Step-son William STOFFELS of Intafufu, Lusikisiki
191011TAGASHA Enochoabt 35y, married native man of east London, seaman
191013GREGORY James Ikerman?15 m, coloured child of Sea View, Grand-father - C.S. GREGORY
191014NONKUMBI?N.n.16 y, single Gcaleka girl of Zintonza's, Father - Three Star HEY of Big Umgazi
19111NOTOKIN.n.newborn Pondo girl of Port St Johns. Mother - Blanche GAWE
19112MBOMBOZANAN.n.5 mths, infant Pondo girl of Port St Johns. Father - MZINGPAMELSE
19113MAYEZAN.n.29 days, infant Pondo boy of Port St Johns. Father - John RANZANA of Rili's location, Libode district
19114MSINGAPANTSI Bizani6 mths, infant Pondo girl of Lusikisiki. Father - MSINGAPANTSI, sanitary contractor of Port St Johns
19115N.N.N.n.5 days, unnamed infant Fingo boy of Port St Johns. Mother - MAMTALO
19116FREER Alfred59 yrs, widowed european man, butcher of Port St Johns
19117TOLI? Nozitombi17 yrs Gcaleka single girl of Fair View, Port St Johns
19118N.N.N.n.2 mths, unnamed infant coloured girl of Port St Johns. Mother - Janet ROY
19119FLEMING Francis Edmund43 yrs, married european man, clerk of Port St Johns
191110BOOI Francisabt 30 yrs, married woman, domestic worker of Port St Johns. Brother - Bombata
19121MTSHAWULANA Alexander Golizembe?17 mths, Pondo infant boy, father - John MTSHAWULANA
19122HLALAEDWAN.n.2 yrs, Pondo boy - mother A. O'NEILL
19123SAUNDERS Ebenezer22 yrs, single Coloured man of Intafufu, dist. Lusikisiki, attending school
19124MAURANT Arthur Edward Mellor1 mth, infant european boy of Insimbini,
19125DEVERELL Edwin James51 yrs, single European man
19126SAUNDERS Margaret9 mths, infant Coloured girl, daughter of Ellen SAUNDERS of Port St Johns
19127PAULSON Abraham Johannes Jacobus48 yrs, married Coloured man, Farmer of Port St Johns
19128N.N.N.n.No extractable data
19129ThreestarN.n.abt 45 yrs, single Pondo man, labourer of Port St Johns
191210SYD Kusana2 yrs, Coloured boy of Port St Johns, grandfather maternal - C.H. SAUNDERS
191211N.N.N.n.No extractable data
191212MANYIYANA Clifford18 mths, infant boy
191213N.N.N.n.No extractable data
191214NTOKWENZANA Judyabt 35 yrs, single Fingo woman, washerwoman of Port St Johns
191215NTSELU Dina Elizabeth11 mths, Tembu infant daughter of Joel MTSELU of Tabase, Umtata
191216N.N.N.n.No extractable data
191217BUTUMA? Sinnah Virginia15 mths, Tembu infant girl
191218MTSHAWULANA Hunter4 yrs, Baco boy of Caguba, father - John MTSHANWULANA



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"South Africa, Cape Province, Civil Deaths, 1895-1972." Images. FamilySearch ( : accessed 2013.) Port St Johns; Citing Department of the Interior, Registrar of Births, Marriages, and Deaths. National Archives, Pretoria.

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